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  1. because you're a retard
  2. @Biground Would you like to continue explaining your charges?
  3. whos terminates
  4. @Liam Escovich naa its a little Asian boy.. if you know who ranga is this is him... He became a rapper.
  5. Still waiting for servers to be fixed
  6. Back in the day regiment would have everyone run drugs while they fight off cops and hold the cartels. RIP the old asylum. Now most gang are young kids that will kill everyone they can. wont even chop your things just kill you so it will ruin your time... Join the APD and robo cop nerd with me to make the real money brother. Want parole?
  7. Nothing special at all. Don't even know why they were in my computer. Waste of space.
  8. No thats not... This is how
  10. I would like to see Malden. Its free, Bigger then Stratis, somthing new. The map honestly isn't bad at all for being free. Way better then Tanoa for a RP map. Stratis is in the past bring the new. Malden > Stratis
  11. He was in the god damn motherfuckin revolutionary war! Mothafucka