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  1. i said bunni once.... got banned
  2. Holy fuck. first time seeing this. This video ^ and @AndrewFam (<-- if that is FSA andrew) are my favorite montages so far
  3. But not to lazy to make a montage. ok
  4. Why bother putting clips with a flickering screen. It looks bad and youre making people strain their eyes for just watching normal kills.
  5. been there done that. BTW @Term DC'ed so i had to solo the duo game at the start
  6. Other then that. this update is dope. I'm still waiting for the Medic white list and different things added for them, sport hatch backs, backpacks and some other things.
  7. Wait. GhostShot won a tournament? thats how you know its fucked. guy plays arma with his ankles.
  8. @Clockwerk @ZIM2233 @Tyrese @utilize420 @V3N0M @Nightmare
  9. oooowwwwhhhhhh