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  1. I love sending you to jail
  2. Imagine making montages in 2019
  3. Why would you even post about stellar?
  4. Don't forget to add when you store your vehicles in your garage it puts gas back to 100% or at least 50% and repairs it please!! @BaDaBiNg_10-8 @Clint Beastwood
  5. For the ghost hawk i would imagine it would be for a higher ranking Medic just to pretty much look cooler. Kinda like the ghost hawk for Captains.
  6. First of course server stability [General] Add - vehicles gas auto replenishes when you store in your garage Add - vehicles auto repair when you store into your garage Add - vehicle insurance Add - Add vehicle claiming Add - war zone rebel Add - Start blood bag at health percentage (example: 75HP. progress bar starts at 75%) Add - buff vehicle durability (don't buff armored vehicle durability Ifrit, Hunter, Strider. The reason i say that is because i've noticed on Olympus it will take a few mags just to shoot out tires on Ifrits... Which is very tedious causing unnecessary chases) Add - new DLC jets to fly around Add - betting players Add - Buff drug runners 25k minimum (further distance results to higher pay) Remove - group cap Remove - money cap Change - buff smaller drugs (Cocaine, Heroine, weed) [Cop] Add - swat Add - vehicle skins/ clothing skins Keep - Prowler for cops [Rebel] Add - more clothing / skins Add - war points Add - purchase vehicles/ clothing/ guns with war points Remove - prowler Remove - qilin Remove - armor stacking (when hitting the community goal) Change - Lower Ifrit prices [Medic] Add - white listing Add - ranking system Add - cars (Van, sport hatch, prowler, Etc. for appropriate rank) Add - Helicopters (ghost hawk, Taru, medic Taru, Orca, Mowhawk, Etc. for appropriate rank) Add - in depth talent tree (possibly getting unlimited blood bags, adrenaline shots, pain killers. learning new vehicles to buy, faster revives, faster vehicle repairs etc.) Add - skins/ outfits for appropriate rank Add - invisible backpacks for more Y Inventory Add - higher paycheck for reviving Add - sling-able boxes to drop (blood bags, adrenaline shots, defibrillators, red gull, Food/ water, repair kits) Add - buddy system (Sharing paychecks with another medic) Add - option to decline/ accept/ en route for reviving [Civilian] Change - lower Orca prices [Miscellaneous] Add - evidence locker (per restart % of the illegal goods seized would go to the evidence locker giving civs/ rebels a second chance to collect illegal seized goods. Gold bars, illegal guns, drugs, illegal vehicles) Add - @Jbdragon idea. Banks for each town. (Bank of Kavala, Bank of Athira, Bank of Sofia, Bank of Pyrgos) Changes fighting locations for cops also so cops don't get warn out of the same thing. Jb already showed the possible locations. Add - @The Monopoly Man casino gambling (21, black jack, etc. {Casino could be rob-able} payout would be smaller then a bank) Add - New guns lower then 7.62 Change - income 10% increase Change - prices 10% decrease Don't - add armed ghost hawks Don't - allow armor stacking Don't - add titans Don't - add firearms higher then 7.62
  7. Dom

    Change my mind

    @Biground Would you like to continue explaining your charges?
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