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  1. XD

    @Slade Wilson
  2. I own Abdera houses and a Shed so im not moving
  3. I have multiple people bidding on it via PM message me if you want to get in on the bids
  4. "Schoth House in Abderra" Go home you're drunk. The point is to sell the scotch not drink it!
  5. Interested in lakka shed?
  6. Emphasis on this sentence. It makes life easier.
  7. 3
  8. Good luck I paid 2.5 for my abderra shed
  9. Stay in jail, where you deserve to be you criminal!
  10. Yep I bought it
  11. I think @Kevin Miller but I could be wrong
  12. Just so you are all aware the shed is already sold, I have no limit on it
  13. I'll buy it, pm
  14. *Just got promoted to LT* "Can you even afford to buy an MK-1, or do I need to buy it for you?" - @DarkKnight
  15. "He's not even good!" @Tyler