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  1. keep dreaming
  2. more mocking you @UberGaming
  3. I have a drug runner 1 shed and two 3-crate abdera houses
  4. @Clark http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/staff/
  5. Find other bounty hunters to roll with, it will improve your chances in taking not only single people but groups of people, heck, between a group of you, you may even get an entire gang as your bounties and make good money, aside from defib each other, there are so many ways to improve your chances. I will say BH ARE op due to having no restraints that the APD had, and they get equipment that not all the APD can get; such as Hunters, they may or may not be as good as hunters but only SGT+ can get them, or orcas, only sgt+ can pull them, unless a corporal is undercover and has unlocked the perk with cop prestige which doesn't take just one day to accomplish. You can also go anywhere on the map whenever you want as a BH, cops are unable to do so. When I want to make money I get on BH with friends (many being cops as well) so we are held to the restraint of the APD rules... hopefully this sheds some light for your frustration
  6. @Survivalizer Congrats! I knew the day was around the corner! You probably got sick of me saying you are going to get it lol @Painbringa112 My boy... I NEVER thought this day would come... Well deserved @Norwegianviking Nice job man! @Reapered Congrats!
  7. @MatthewV Engine 634 Attack Team 1
  8. I miss the people I used to play with nearly every day that are now just a memory and haven't been seen in months. Asylum was, is, and always will be great because of the community, however toxic we all can be, without each other playing, Arma is just another game...
  9. XD

    @Slade Wilson
  10. I own Abdera houses and a Shed so im not moving
  11. I have multiple people bidding on it via PM message me if you want to get in on the bids
  12. "Schoth House in Abderra" Go home you're drunk. The point is to sell the scotch not drink it!
  13. Interested in lakka shed?