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  1. Yep I bought it
  2. I think @Kevin Miller but I could be wrong
  3. Just so you are all aware the shed is already sold, I have no limit on it
  4. I'll buy it, pm
  5. *Just got promoted to LT* "Can you even afford to buy an MK-1, or do I need to buy it for you?" - @DarkKnight
  6. "He's not even good!" @Tyler
  7. It's the thought that counts... Right?
  8. I own 2 of the S3 lakka sheds, dunno if I'm interested in selling/even if I was then I don't know how much I'd sell for
  9. That is the question
  10. I can assure you that it should take longer than 2 seconds with a 47k bounty. The APD should NOT just hand out parole, you should be searched and questioned about your charges before being issued parole, and that is only going to happen if you give a decent RP story about your charges... Furthermore if it was me, I do give parole however you are far more likely to just get a pardon if your RP is good, I don't agree with using parole to take the easy way out.
  11. @Country Bob Ross congrats man! The Admin team made a good choice with you
  12. Can confirm as it is my life. Real Medics CANNOT carry a firearm, we stage back further until the PD arrives and deem it all clear [if we are in need of making a hostile situation safe]. It's the Police Departments job to defuse hostile situations while it is the EMS job to care for the ill/wounded.
  13. Not trying to offend you, but be glad they even have a comp system at all. You often take for granted what you can't see and sometimes even what you can, but hey.. Complain as much as you want it won't help your case...
  14. I have 2 sheds if you're interested at all (I want to keep atleast one)
  15. Still have the shed for sale?