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    Let me be able to buy a stove upgrade in my house so I can cook meat in city limits.
  2. Farming Have several farming plots outside major cities, there would be a small, medium, and large field. These fields would have differing rental costs and outputs but be on a 30 minute rental timer, during that time you would have to water/treat the crops. Anyone can harvest the crops so it's not a safe way to get them and possibly add output reduction if you continue to harvest the same fields over and over again without anyone in between or not waiting x minutes for the ground to "refertilize". The crops that come to mind for me would be wheat, barley, corn, weed, new things, etc. You would also have to buy the seeds to grow the crops on top of the rental fee. Tent Spawn Point This was previously suggestion but possibly raise the price of the rent, allow you to spawn in it, and have 1-3 respawns before it destroys itself. The tent would have limited storage and couldn't be placed x meters from certain locations (cities, rebel, drug fields, etc), another alternative is a sleeping bag like rust and solely have the respawn but no storage and still limited on how many respawns. Asylum Duel Arena People shit talk each other enough in side, introduce a duel arena similar to OSRS, this area would be a green zone besides inside the arena. Players can bet money against each other and whoever dies first loses, the server would get a 5-10% tax from the winnings and the player would have the option to select a pre built loadout (5% tax increase) or they could bring their own gear. Get in car without it unlocked Currently cops and bounty hunters can get in their locked vehicles with scroll wheel, add the ability to rebels to purchase this option too because why not.
  3. You also claimed people inspected element on your retarded discord messages to link some dumb youtube video, almost a bigger meme than the CompTIA guy
  4. You must be drinking the same shit as all these trumpies thinking the election was rigged.
  5. You're reporting him for using an in game and online feature?
  6. More cops online = multiplier to default drug prices that’s capped after x cops. Selling meth with 10 cops online is more risky than 1-2 cops and should pay more.
  7. This server can’t have child predators. Mitch said Asylum is 18+ yet the APD is 16+ and AFD is 15+.
  8. @Azeh This is why the down vote button is needed
  9. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Monk_of_Entrana#/media/File%3AMonk_of_Entrana.png
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