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  1. You do realize the asylum prestige is not a bank account? when you put money into the prestige system consider it gone, its not a bank account period. You can't be mad at a feature because you're using it incorrectly
  2. Any chance you guys would consider leaving previous crates/barrels for homes sold by owner but clearing them if they are sold by the market?
  3. He's not gonna make it so you can just go ahead and befriend him already
  4. definition of fucking destroyed
  5. I'm happy with the change, no matter what you guys do someone will always complain, sometimes the the rotation doesn't change for like 3 restarts in a row, I know its random so I understand that its bound to happen but maybe you guys can add some sort of system so the max it can be in the same rotation is twice or something like that? so that we are guaranteed a switch every 6 hours
  6. i lost brain cells listening to this, thanks
  7. No I noticed it a few weeks ago but I thought maybe it was just a one time bug or something and I finally got around to testing it with different vehicles and whatnot today to make sure it was actually bugged
  8. Is Igload broken? I can't seem to load any kind of vehicle onto another, it either says its locked even though its not or it just doesn't work at all Edit it says the vehicle is locked when I try to load it from outside and when I try to load it from the inside I get a message like it loaded but it doesn't actually load it, both vehicles are unlocked and whatnot
  9. Well shit, I feel stupid xD
  10. If you buy a pistol then holster it you can't unholster it until you relog, you can work around the glitch by going into your inventory and putting the gun in your backpack or on the ground and picking it back up but by the time you do this in an active situation you are dead, the point is unholstering a newly bought pistol is impossible until you relog, pls fix
  11. Custom tent placing system pls
  12. Server 1 and 4 consistently get more players than 2 and 3 just saying
  13. Will the new van be available to normal civs? or will it be a medic only vehicle?
  14. Bump: 2 Homes were sold and removed from this post, a new home has been added and more may be added soon, some prices to existing listings have been adjusted
  15. Most of the prices are based on properties I've sold in those areas, the only area in which I have not sold properties is the one between coke and ephedra fields but to be honest if people aren't willing to pay that much for them I'm more than glad to keep them and keep making money from them