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  1. Smacking those scripts like I'm smacking those likes
  2. What I'm saying is cartels are old and stale, something needs to change that isn't new money making and skins
  3. All myself and many others want is just some new endgame content, fuck new skins, fuck new money making ways. Just put something else in that isn't cartels, bank, fed, prison. There have been so many good ideas that just haven't even been acknowledged it seems (ie armored convoys, gang hqs). It's the reason I stopped playing after over 2 and a half years of only ever playing this server. It's honestly just boring now for us who have played so long.. unless you play cop.
  4. Cheers man :))
  5. This and or any new end game content... We don't need more ways to make money.
  6. wait does this mean....
  7. How do you think me and Yolo got here in the first place too meet you cancerous fuckers
  8. Is it hard to ask for something new to do that isn't make money? A lot of us just wanted something different, something to give us motivation to grind more money for. Sure the prison is cool but at the end of the day it's something we've had forever. There's been SO many great ideas from people that would be amazing if implemented. For example a (non admin event)armed convoy that when taken has drugs/gold bars, or gang hqs/hideouts for various perks/benefits. We needed a new endgame, not more things to help us work towards the same stale stuff.
  9. idk what ur talking about tbh
  10. The YACHT is property of Boats N Hoes fuck off
  11. Hit break down lab then escape so it doesnt actually break it down. Stops that message and then you can access :))
  12. Fair point but imo fights are stale need a new objective
  13. Idk wanted something different with the main gang fighting, not just more ways to make money, something like gang hqs to fight for drugs or honestly just anything for gods sake
  14. Was really hoping for a major revamp of cartels or turfs or just any new thing for gangs to fight for but still good work <3 @bamf
  15. It's me