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  1. @Lorax I actually fucking love you I'm crying @PantherJames @xXfreakkidXx @Teeway
  2. nah its like $20 a mil, grind out olympus and you'll get like $35-40
  3. Yeah I get that, it just sucks that we are so handicapped b/c of performance. I don't get why we can't public fund a dev to rework our code so they can add new shit in. Again, just look at olympus, newer framework, so they have so much extra shit with still better performance than us...
  4. So do you guys plan on adding any new end game content to make asylum interesting for not just the new summer players but our vets??? Or is Olympus just going to keep gaining popularity with the actual fights constantly and a large amount of content coming in monthly... Don't get me wrong asylum will always be my home, but I wish you guys would set up a donation reward for hiring a dev to put something together especially since you and bamf work a lot. You know for a fact people would pay especially since we haven't missed out on tier one rewards (I'm almost certain) since you implemented it.
  5. Convoys have been asked for forever, olympus has them... Doubt we will ever get it
  6. End game content autist, neither of those are that. Learn to read...
  7. You said 99% are for rebels you dense fuck, which they aren't. Can you even read??? Or do you need some assistance?? Google has a great translation program for normies like you
  8. You're actually autistic.... Name an actual good content update for rebels recently or hell even in the past year... To just show you how little we add just go look at Olympus' patch notes smh. I'll always be with asylum; have been for over 3 years, but our devs unfortunately really only fix bugs these days. People have been begging for new "End-Game" content for ages, and it never comes.
  9. He's been talking for like 5 hours man whatta fucking beauty
  11. If you get downed, and while downed someone kills u, when you respawn your bullets don't register (don't do damage) @bamf
  12. Can't access gang account on Server 3 even after soft logging it just says "Loading..." @bamf
  13. So basically horseshit... if only they'd do what has been suggested for a long time and make legal activities such as mining phosphorus have an increased mining rate then people would actually want it @bamf
  14. Even if this is the case, and he gave it to someone else who tried to hack his paypal and other accounts. How does the make it any better for his side of things? He's still an accomplice to it. He gave someone his info, with the intent to get his info stolen. Meanwhile you guys are laughing behind your screens like little 12 year old trolls hoping his shit will get hacked. I don't understand how you can take advantage of someone who is nice to you guys and was trying to become friends with you. You think it's funny, I call it deviant and manipulative scum who take advantage of anyone they can when they are weak. It's a real sign of your character. God I pray for the person of any future relationship of yours and the psychological abuse you put them through. Just give your head a shake man, we're not in preschool anymore.
  15. Please do enlighten me on this false story