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  1. They're two completely different rewards. I still don't like the rewards, I think it should be something like Olympus where they promise content for money, it's a good incentive imo for them to put out new stuff monthly. But if you want a debit card so bad don't be cheap and fork out the 25$ god damn.
  2. Shameless US is such a great show, it has fantastic acting for a "comedy"!!! Oh and there's sex, lots of sex... like very vivid sex scenes for a tv show lmao... make sure you keep the tissues near by.. ya know for all the laughter..
  3. Ya'll definitely did this on purpose smh
  4. hey in my defense i swear in your original post you just said to say what the general vicinity it was in and then you would give another clue
  5. Around here? @Silver-Spy
  6. bump.... plzzzzzzz @bamf
  7. Please implement something like this it’s actually a very good idea. No one ever fights for Zaros because of the shitty perks. This would be great for large gangs for meth and small gangs for legal money making ways !! Zaros has been neglected for too long!! #MakeZarosGreatAgain @bamf @Gnashes
  8. plz fix y inventory disappearing when you get killed in a vehicle thanks bby <3 @bamf
  9. +2 plz fix
  10. this
  11. all ...
  12. I do have to say nice work but plz don't get this thread locked <3 I think it is very eye opening for a lot of people who have never played Olympus.. and like me have been so loyal to Asylum for so long in this false state of thinking it is still the highest quality Altis Life server.
  13. Preach it man!!! A great read for everyone
  14. Does Olympus' servers go down as much as ours ?? smfh
  15. Looking for specifics...