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  1. Rodrigo


    Snailbois did a lovely job today. Great montage btw!
  2. Rodrigo

    Asylum #4

    Haha nah, not gonna lie did not expect them to send that many people.
  3. Rodrigo

    Suggestion (Silencers/Suppressors)

    They are simply not needed on this server. And from what I know this will never happen.
  4. Rodrigo

    Actual Best Asylum Players list (poll)

    How much did he pay you? A boost in league?
  5. Rodrigo

    Actual Best Asylum Players list (poll)

    ouf. This server has had so many good players. So it's gonna be a good mix of former players all the way back to 2014 and to 2019. Shearsy, Rami, PiP, Mr. Smoke, Grippy, Hoppi, PPP (Buhhbye), J9R9MY, Kuklinski, Big Boss, Technique, Hamsham, Ranga, Diseased, Smokahontas, Babooshka, Vladimir Petrov, Dmitri Petrov, Scryll, Daan, Trym, Bok Lau, Aidzo, DaQuan, Bikstok, Henky, Lethal, Sheep, Ifrit driver Liqin, Krypton, Jimbo, Tiger, Tom, Pete, Andrewfam, Widsyy, Buvaloz, Richy, Bunni, Rust, Shepurd, Rusty, Cake, Roguepilot. + so many names I forgot, and yeah for sure some of them was considered a really good player back in 2014. Still one of the best players I have seen, and played with or against. And sorry to all you new bois, I know for a fact there is some new nutty players here. + a tiny thank you to everyone mentioning me
  6. Rodrigo

    Actual Best Asylum Players list (poll)

    It's a true story, just a bit off with the date.
  7. Rodrigo

    New Support Staff

    gratz to my boi @Azeh
  8. Rodrigo

    Outraged at asylum Admins RN

    Snitches get stitches?
  9. Rodrigo

    Asylum Announcement

    Still waiting for my 2nd LT @Clint Beastwood. And yeah big thanks to Bamf first for everything he did for the servers over the years. And goodluck to Bada and Clint!
  10. Rodrigo

    How many is too many?

    That's what a pussy would say <3
  11. Rodrigo

    How many is too many?

    I know where it is, never used it never will
  12. Rodrigo

    How many is too many?

    That orca on the right, are you afraid of getting shot Rogue?
  13. Rodrigo

    Legends Of Asylum

    Haha look at this fellah, coming out from his hibernation.
  14. Rodrigo

    Legends Of Asylum

    I mean " Nice job man "