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  1. Should hear @Ba-KA just exist.
  2. +1 oh did I get admin for +1ing what might be the most retarded post I have ever seen in my life.
  3. WAY OH
  4. Winners! Nate (took the money), Baka (took the money), Lagrange, Heidelberg (took the money) Antho (Won Twice!) (took the money) Innate and Atra (Both took a game) TryHardSqueaker (took the money) Baka (Money) Thanks to all who partook!
  5. In TS look for Game Night
  6. True, we can make it the last thing we do. We could play town of salem, or cards, kinda depends on what people want to do.
  7. In about an hour we will be doing game night! It will start with Asylum Events: and then we will go from there. REWARDS FOR WINNERS FOUND HERE: Interested in playing? Join Asylum TS and look for Game Night
  8. Yeah we started just pulling people to see if they wanted to play.
  9. Game Night - 07-28-2018 @ 10 PM EST Last night, @LaGrange, @Baka @Innateocean and others...we were playing and Cards Against Humanity with some community members. It was a lot of fun and I stayed up way later then I wanted to. (#worth) Anyways, I was thinking of replicating this, but adding in some games that I have not touched in my humble bundle account and giving them away as prizes. We can play the games listed above or we can do events in Asylum, have not decided yet and open to ideas. Here is the list of prizes: Brigador: Up-Armored Edition Plague Inc: Evolved Shoppe Keep SUPERHOT Tiny Echo Owlboy The Norwood Suite Life is Strange Complete Season (Episodes 1-5) Black the Fall Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition + Titan Quest: Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Portal Knights Forts Conan Exiles Blackwake OR $75,000 Asylum Cash So this is how game night would work. Pick a game everyone wants to play, whoever wins would choose a number between 1-15 and would receive that game OR You can just win $75,000 in Asylum Cash.
  10. ^
  11. Do us a big one and learn proper grammar.
  12. Yes people will refuse and shut down, because it is demoralizing when it happens to you, at least for me. I think the whole I’ll Comp you because I broke server rules is stupid, but I understand it and it’s the way the devs want it so we must follow the framework they have in place. Just like bada said, it’s who you know, to an extent. All information about what to do regarding player reports, appeals, comps can be sought out. Some of that information is on the map in-game. The problem with people is that they are lazy and aren’t willing to look. For example, my mother had a run in with her insurance company. They were billing her even though they canceled her insurance and she was trying to resolve this for about a year. Her problem was that she was tired of this problem and wanted it to just go away with a snap of her fingers, but was not willing to do research. That’s when I stepped in and we filed a complaint with our state government that it finally got resolved “oops our system messed up, sorry for the inconviance - we won’t be seeking restitution”. The point is, my mother was lazy and kept going in circles, she didn’t know who to call and BARELY asked me for help, she is still mad at me because I added “more” work for her when I was doing the heavy lifting with the communication with the complaint. But she reached out to someone who might know something (who you know) and we figured out a solution. Back to Asylum. Most the people I talk that need support are lazy, and don’t want to do the research or work needed to resolve their issue. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD! Where there are process in place to help that, YOU JUST NEED TO TAKE TIME AND LOOK. Tl;dr People are lazy and aren’t willing to look to find the correct information they seek.
  13. It is funny when people say you cannot compare this to real life because this is a game. This game is based on real life. The Asylum Community and real life share a lot of common values and beliefs, which can be seen in both the server rules and the APD guidelines. If you cannot make those connections and try to hide behind "its just a game" you are just coming up with excuses to justify your actions. I understand people need an outlet, a place to release the stress, and doing so is highly encouraged. I have a very libertarian view when it comes to this stuff. Have as much fun as you want, but once you start interfering with other people trying to have fun as well, I have a big problem. Yes accidents happen and the admin team is pretty well trained to use #empathy and correct those mistakes, but if you keep making the same mistakes and aren't learning, then why are you here? The admin team will not allow you to continue playing on this server. And if you are a whitelisted individual, you better believe its going to bite you in the ass. Actions have consequences, deal with it.
  14. Damn APD abusing their "Cop enter" and calling it "commandeering". Watch out for the Man, man.