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  1. lol

    I feel like I have seen this before.....
  2. ^
  3. For those participated in the event, I thank you. Here were the best jokes: Because @Ba-KA :
  4. IMO: if you want to fight a cartel make a gang. Don't use the APD as a gang, that is not their purpose. Yes they are essentially the biggest gang on the server, but don't abuse it or be dicks. The APD's primary responsibility is to promote role play by using their PRIMARY WEAPON. I feel like at this point the cops are just saying its there primary weapon, but don't actually mean it. I have found through my own interactions with cops that they use their voice less and less and use their sirens as primary weapons. I.E. Siren - Shoot - don't talk to me until we get to HQ (5 minute conversation with myself in a car traveling to HQ) - Have a one sided conversation with themselves and talk over me because they are adding charges and searching me with no real interest in having a conversation or responding to me but to go through the motions. I would understand if people are HVTs and hey there is a policy for that, but experiencing this type of interaction more and more makes me lose faith, which has been dwindling ever since I started playing cop. I do my best to RP at every corner, but when it comes to cops, those that actually converse with me are few and far between. They are more interested in going through the motions, and to hurry up so they can move on. Cops go almost anywhere...yes there are restrictions, but that is the balance. If you want to go some where like rebel, black market, or a cartel...pursue people into those places. I agree with @LaGrange, cops dominate when they show up at a cartel or rebel and it is DEMORALIZING. I do not typically play with big gangs, and when I do play with a group its normally very small. So when my group and I are trying to gear up at rebel for a fight and the cops show up, the fun is one sided. Do the cops struggle when they gear up? No, why? because they spawn with their gear. Is fighting a cartel fun for the cops? Sure its fun for the cops and you can justify it by saying "hey we lethaled them, they should thank us because they didn't go to jail". Cool, but isn't the point of the APD to promote role playing? Justify going to cartels and saying its fun for both sides is like a doctor saying hey we fixed your broken leg by chopping it off.
  5. F
  6. Hello, @Mitch (IFRIT) and you said I had long responses lul. Very Respectfully, Deazy Johnson
  7. WINNERS! 1st Place: @Patato 2nd Place: @STRA1GHT JACK1T 3rd Place: @Biground Honorable Mention: @Donald Clinton LaGrange's Closing Comments: "A good try it was Asylum is far too dead KYS Deazy" To all who participated we thank you!
  8. Locked - We will post the winners soonTM
  9. As the end comes near Have no fear, for there is time Best of luck to all
  10. Nice selfie m8
  11. @CaressMYHips The Hunger Games Event Crates spawn on an "island" and people swim to it with no gear and fight to the death .50 Cal Event .50 cal showdown on salt flats Water World Event Teams control a boat, and fight to the death in a bay area Mad Max Event Quilins/Prowlers/offroads are spawned, people are broken off into teams and fight to the death while in the vehicle at salt flats Rook Deathmatch Everyone gets a rook and last person standing wins
  12. Promoting good times Helping others do the same Not shitting on gangs
  13. Sergeant @Patato The Kneepad King of Altis Sergeant forever
  14. I said no twice now Shit on another server Be gone @Patato