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  2. not bad young blood
  3. obviously you're new to asylum... well newer... this cap is a great cap to fight its super fun but clearly you wouldnt know since your solo capping
  4. reported i can re-buy it all anyways nice try bud
  5. this shit isnt even funny anymore..
  6. its not bad dont beat yourself up about it fam
  7. 800k for a rodo house that doesnt watch flag are you retarted or something?
  8. holy shit thats great.
  9. nice bruh heres some clips i got
  10. i believe so yeah, cant quite remember. i know he got banned and unbanned a few times just not sure if it ever stuck.
  11. worth a good watch if you never seen them, might not get the references if your not a veteran on asylum but either way still good.