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  1. iphone spell correct fucked me
  2. I don't go there I'm strictly a cartel kind of guy
  3. ???
  4. Lmfao reliance has already made there rep we they are there's no fixing it now
  5. oo you done did it now boiiii just you wait
  6. Корги кто?
  7. Nice tage.FRAT but fr nice shots fam
  8. seems like no one could unrun your bullets nice shots fam
  9. You've come a long way since me and @SwisherZ found you beaten like a dog in the streets and took you in
  10. first of all they all were getting wiped and stratego was the last guy and didnt wanna die so he asked for friendly because he knew he was about to get his head ripped off
  11. Another fire tage my D00D
  12. All I wanted to know is the progress thanks for the swift reply
  13. Where is 8.0? @Paratus @bamf
  14. Or even leave his house for that matter