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  1. We held the cartels on 3&4 for hours and we have a ton of money in our gang bank
  2. it is indeed that pillers
  3. Hmmm I have enough crypto
  4. I got 150 more csgo keys you got some asylum cash?
  5. Perfect.
  6. @bamf is like the nice guy who gives feedback and try's to explain more and @Gnashes is the strong minded rock that keeps all the little bitches in check -1
  7. "Not gonna happen"
  8. HA GAY !
  9. it's a horrible thing asylum is life if I'm not on here fighting cartels 25/8 what am I doing with me life!?!?!?
  10. I think you guys made somone mad, we are being forced to read books
  11. you suck house suck my big toe
  12. That's the anti theft protection plan you paid for with you insurance company
  13. That's just it you have no talent
  14. Here is a tip buy repair kits yourself can't always expect everything to be cookie cutter and easy