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  1. Listen to nobody here, all fat gamers
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    Stop lieeen you love me
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    No hard feelings.
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    I know words are tough, but look up Belated. It will all make sense.
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  8. Add new vehicles, weapons and facilities but change it to Altis that we have all grown to love. Stop wasting time with that shitty map, get some determined people on board to make a modded version of Asylum's version of Altis. For example, more weapons and vehicles can improve the facilities. Keep prison where it is but expand on it, since there will be new and improved vehicles/weapons it should be bigger and harder. Cities should be bigger, improve the cartels and outposts. Do these things and S6 will be something special.
  9. Yo sick song, link?
  10. Then show them this ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. What was the hopes of posting this thread?
  12. Bye man, I'll miss you. Thanks for making me #1 on that list had a lot of fun together! o7
  13. I have never cringed, so hard in my life...
  14. Yeah, thats my favorite one. Dont waste your time with the other crappy ones, this is duh best..