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  1. @Ades when did you get this? I've literally been counting down bretts ban days to buy this shit
  2. WOW! You're Absolutely Amazing Man! A True Inspiration!
  3. Accepted for trial period, you have the teamspeak information.
  4. "we got 5 people, we'll fight, whoever gets there first defends" *brings 15 people* x to the fucking d
  5. @Byad @Cameron_1044 You have both been accepted for the trial period, you have the teamspeak info.
  6. @Kille you've been accepted for the trial period, I private messaged you the teamspeak info.
  7. I trade marked this idea, bye bitch.
  8. I think there should be 2 ways of making it. You gather the materials and go to a sewing factory, which is a legal area and you can make all the vest that are not level 3 armor. -- the other method is you can make it at the black market, which will allow you to make all vests + level 3 armor, but it is an illegal area. Similar to crank, you should be able to buy a portal sewing station that will allow you to make it in your home, which will take up a crate slot, or in an RV. Just a thought, idk.
  9. Tanner

    Change log 8.1.3

    Do you have to unbox these? I don't see anything.
  10. Tanner

    Workout routine?

    Listen to nobody here, all fat gamers
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