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  1. Not live?
  2. This is great xD RIP that orca
  3. I'd like to see all the times your head got ripped
  4. It comes with this http://www.gaming-asylum.com/goals/
  5. -1 was not 2 times
  6. Added the title for the winners of gang wars probably
  7. You can already made 40k from a hatchback full of cocaine. I don't think this would be a good idea
  8. RIP I was gonna go for 'The Eminent' title tomorrow but now its gonna take me even longer
  9. Would you like a golden medal for downing a few rebels at a HQ?
  10. @massi Check my app @Bishopcome back to asylum
  11. You have straight up killed more people in the time you have been SGT than I've killed the whole time I've been a corp. (Referring to being lethal happy instead of making an attempt to push, your gun does shoot downing rounds btw)
  12. @DarkKnight @Agent Cucky @Nikola Tesla @Lucky @Dick Romney @Christian R @Donutkiller
  13. People have houses and are in gangs on 3. Why would you go to another server without houses and without gang perks?
  14. Just a little heads up for people who use TS3 beta if you update you wont be able to use the teamspeak unless you go back to stable version
  15. shhhhh i didnt litter