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  1. You could have just made 1 post...
  2. BUMP!
  3. Sorry I forgot to say S1 For the last 2 weeks ive been checking the doors and they are never locked so whoever owns the houses are never online
  4. I'm looking for who owns these houses... they never ever seem to be locked Just HMU
  5. That is great
  6. I got an idea! If you want armor stacking donate or just shoot before you get shot at you will also have an advantage. If you can't aim I also have a solution, dodge bullets like they did in the matrix
  7. The owners name is 'JANUS' sometimes changes it though
  8. Me and @antho went to the admins as soon as we found it
  9. If you think its normal to be able to buy for less you can sell for and make 100k in like 5mins and expect nothing to happen clearly you have no common sense.
  10. What in the world is round up?
  11. that is great good job
  12. Like this post not his
  13. Still selling?
  14. Under design go to addons
  15. Just go into your ts settings TOOLS-OPTIONS-DESIGN