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  1. HomeUser

    Asylum Video Contest Winner

  2. HomeUser

    First kill on new host

    Well done Jack I'm proud of you. This is a huge moment
  3. HomeUser


    If down votes were added all the captains would have -rep and so would LTs from all the points and blacklists they give
  4. HomeUser

    Donor 7 perk update

    @Mitch (IFRIT) I tried to stay true to my word but paypal is slow https://gyazo.com/e413bf7a51de39d7268eb0f13e213fc2
  5. HomeUser

    Donor 7 perk update

    Give level 7 donors a teamspeak tag with an icon and ill buy it
  6. HomeUser

    Gang Run Ad's during GW 7

    This is a great idea
  7. HomeUser

    Actual Best Asylum Players list (poll)

    @Sw3gingtoN Best orca pilot? or is it @RoguePilot
  8. HomeUser


    Not gonna lie, sometimes I refresh my profile page to get more views
  9. HomeUser

    asylum cops suck

    If you kidnap me and then say 'drop your gear or die' you aint getting my gear...if you give me a good reason to drop my gear and give me a little story ill happily drop my gear for you. But obviously this is presuming you will kidnap me, I never go to kavala
  10. HomeUser

    Can we talk about sex/girls here?

    This is brilliant hahaha Congrats on the coveralls by the way.
  11. HomeUser

    New Search/Seize Menu

    Looks good. Hope it gets added
  12. HomeUser

    Rule Clarification

    The more people question the helicopter thing the more complicated it gets. Its so simple lets keep it that way