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  1. They probably do but they have 100 better things to do than sit there reading logs
  2. Admins can not spectate 50+ people at once. They have no idea if you got a text or if someone said hands up to you over voice. What do you expect them to do? Take your word and just ban the guy
  3. Can confirm. Demon honestly. You have no context of the situation so don't sit there acting like you were fighting us.I have no problems with FSA on good terms with a few of them.
  4. Another video of people dying at cartels. We need some decent shots. Quick peaking rocks is good and all but its boring IN MY OPINION
  5. @Tyler lol I told you someone would bring this up King, all of those constables are marked as 'active' a couple of months ago 1-2 we removed over 800 inactive constables and we check it every so oftern
  6. These forum posts are getting old. Rebels lose a fight, APD needs a nurf
  7. Im 99.99% sure this has already been posted like 5 times before about downvoting etc
  8. This is the mine near pyrgos
  9. Ohh I get it now. Looked like you got picked up by a friend then the guy in the SUV was trying to rob you and the hemett lol
  10. Honestly. Why do you add intros to these 1min videos? Also, your friend just uses his hemett as a weapon in my opinion.
  11. See you clearly dont understand Constable and Captain are far from each other. Its call the chain of command. Maybe you need to redo your ride along
  12. Translation Title : Do you welcome us? Post: The Chinese have returned to accept my baptism.
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