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  1. I now understand why you have 1,600 forum posts
  2. In before we get some snowflakes complaining that we use too much armor and we need to have a rule preventing it
  3. Its legal. It shouldn't have a high risk
  4. This spot is next to the best place on the whole map for excavating -1
  5. We have turfs and cartels I don't see a need for this. Also, if all the HQs get taken over where do the cops spawn?
  6. Anyone got a screenshot of the bank?
  7. Ohh so you are mad that you didn't get to kill cops over and over while you are sat behind a wall quick peaking cops. I get it now. Thanks for clearing things up for me i guess i need a bigger brain. I'm done now. Gotta go set up some more vans
  8. You had like 6 people at the most did you expect to get out with 17 bars against 14+ cops. Feds are not meant to be easy, its an end game thing. Get a bigger group of people then try it
  9. Where do you think we got the strat from? We did a fed and it happened to us. You guys have been doing banks all day and winning them, then you lose one loadout doing a fed and start complaining on the forums. Its tragic
  10. If you do the crime, do the time. It shouldn't be easy to get out of jail if you are wanted for 100k+ talk your way out of your charges its not hard.
  11. I was expecting a lot more than a car driving over a hill not gonna lie. Very anticlimactic
  12. Strider??????? Maybe a quillin or prowler. Civs will just rob medics for their striders all the time
  13. DM me on the forums, willing to buy 2-3 crate houses
  14. -1 People will blow it up every time and this position is the best way to stop people leaving the bank. When I do banks personally if there is someone on light house I never leave until he is dead. I get the idea but there is always room for people with the tag thinking they are better than other officers and also we already have enough tags as it is no need for more. +1 Great idea I would agree to this but its really not hard to walk along the wall and not to fall inside the prison, also from inside the prison you can shoot up into the back of the barracks building which does help, being able to teleport into the prison where 5 rebels are sat with mks doesn't make sense.
  15. I only have something to say about this one. When sergeants are promoting people to constable it only takes an extra 2 mins to go over what is new and how to use it, although it should be common sense too that add means add and remove means remove.
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