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  1. People have houses and are in gangs on 3. Why would you go to another server without houses and without gang perks?
  2. Just a little heads up for people who use TS3 beta if you update you wont be able to use the teamspeak unless you go back to stable version
  3. shhhhh i didnt litter
  4. @Sojobodid it in a hellcat once
  5. At least you asked polity
  6. that is great
  7. At that point its just like tanoa . Everyone makes like 300k an hour
  8. The future of the APD
  9. Cops will just sever stack also. I don't think most corps would tell an LT to get out of a slot either
  10. I think its fine the way it is other than I really like the idea of precinct tags though that's awesome. Don't go for corp on a server that isnt up most of the day. Its that simple
  11. Nice job Clint, gotta get those numbers up
  12. I got an idea. Don't do crime
  13. You could have just made 1 post...
  14. BUMP!