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  1. until
    Training hosted by HomeUser at 1am GMT
  2. HomeUser

    Titles - Guide

    nice thank you
  3. HomeUser

    Titles - Guide

    Can you post a screenshot of it on your phone?
  4. HomeUser

    Titles - Guide

    With the new patch getting released [Changelog] we had a new titles app added to y-menu. All of the titles are unknown unless you have them unlocked. I figured some people will want titles and here we can talk about the titles and how to unlock them, so below are the the lists of titles with the blue ones being 'found' and the red titles being unknown and not yet discovered the red titles are still to be discovered. Cop & Medic Titles - Civilian Titles - thank you pizzaman for the list
  5. or just buy everything when you are at rebel gearing up.
  6. Rouge last time i checked
  7. HomeUser

    a question

    Can confirm its more than $550
  8. Please stop.
    Everytime i logon during peak hours my house doors are fully open. Please just close them on your way out thanks πŸ™‚
    House in question:

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    2. HomeUser


      I play 2 hours of civ a week feel free

    3. Bag Of Funyuns

      Bag Of Funyuns

      And 166 hours on cop a week

    4. ηŽ‹ Foxx ηŽ‹

      ηŽ‹ Foxx ηŽ‹

      166 hrs at federal events screaming "these kids are so bad"

  9. Are the BEFilters the reason SGT+ get kicked while using drones?I wish you would fix the script restictions on drones. Higher ups hardly use them because of the random kicks.
  10. This is just so you cheap asses can get donor 10 easier lets be honest You can't buy them anyway so why do you care? Gang skins would never work, the mission file would be way to big. Rotating banks would be better than having 2 banks. We already do about 15 banks a day excluding the 23 smash and grabs and the 9 prison breaks. Id rather rotating banks than having an athria bank and a pyrgos bank. If two banks ever did get added ofcourse
  11. This video is old af haha
  12. I mean texting and driving is one thing, doing it when its been snowing is another
  13. No idle kick on teamspeak for donor 10s would be nice
  14. Okay so if the limit doesnt affect the cops what is the point in adding it?
  15. What you really need to ask is if this is such a problem where a rule really needs to be added about it. You probably got fucked over once at a turf and now have come to the forums crying about it. How many times have turfs turned red and cops have showed up. Its probably every 1 in 20 at rodo and the others will be next to never. Unless its a real problem what is the purpose of making a rule about it. Cops drive through rodo all the time while its red and just let rebels fight it. Personally the only time I stop at a red turf is when rebels shoot at me while im passing through.
  16. 508364f59a6c5233ea0f0a1f93dc20b5.png

    Donor 8 and 9?


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    2. Lucien
    3. Mitch (IFRIT)

      Mitch (IFRIT)

      Donor 10 too. @Boon forgot that one.Β 

    4. Boon


      Must make more Banners!

  17. Donor 8 for 500$?

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    2. Filip(mrav)


      Trying to go for chief of police ?

    3. Lucien


      Paypal me the extra $250 and Ill make sure you get something nice

    4. Bag Of Funyuns

      Bag Of Funyuns

      I don’t even have donor 1. Feels bad man.

  18. Im so glad to see cop prestige is being worked on. I'm pretty sure there are lots of corporal still wanting to buy undercover stuff for their first time
  19. Ari and chesra please stop and just read for a second.
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