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  1. But did he end up closing the deal?
  2. I was in preschool eating playdoh at the time.
  3. The story of every person who's played Asylum for more than two weeks.
  4. How about 3 rooks and a half eaten tac bacon? It's all I got.
  5. I got my current PC from Bestbuy for about $100 cheaper than building it myself. Saved myself the hassle of actually building it and saved myself money. Good deal. Haven't had a single issue with it so far either, though I've only had it for a year.
  6. I think @bamf and @Gnashes are having some CompTIA+ certified individuals looking into how to get it back and working again.
  7. I still report it when people combat log on me while on cop. It's a shitty thing for people to do, and some of the most fun I have on cop comes from police-civilian interaction. When people log, sure I get the money but I also don't get to interact with them. It takes away from the experience and it's a dick move, so I still report them.
  8. That is bad policing. You didn't give them full tickets. Dafuq?
  9. Why can't I embed the image? >.<
  10. Get out of here with your well reasoned post.
  11. I too like to play my games in 640x480.
  12. Looks like someone needs to catch a lethal to the face.