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  1. How about 3 rooks and a half eaten tac bacon? It's all I got.
  2. I got my current PC from Bestbuy for about $100 cheaper than building it myself. Saved myself the hassle of actually building it and saved myself money. Good deal. Haven't had a single issue with it so far either, though I've only had it for a year.
  3. I think @bamf and @Gnashes are having some CompTIA+ certified individuals looking into how to get it back and working again.
  4. I still report it when people combat log on me while on cop. It's a shitty thing for people to do, and some of the most fun I have on cop comes from police-civilian interaction. When people log, sure I get the money but I also don't get to interact with them. It takes away from the experience and it's a dick move, so I still report them.
  5. That is bad policing. You didn't give them full tickets. Dafuq?
  6. Why can't I embed the image? >.<
  7. Get out of here with your well reasoned post.
  8. I too like to play my games in 640x480.
  9. Looks like someone needs to catch a lethal to the face.
  10. Make both Splunk and this Tier 1. Easy $350 in a few days.
  11. Just log out after ten minutes, or comply and drop your stuff. It's really that simple. It takes effort and risk on their end to kidnap cops and take their shit. If you don't want to drop your stuff because they don't have good RP, then log out after ten minutes. That's all you have to do. Problem solved.
  12. I love combat loggers. They save me a trip.