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  1. This is the content that I stay here for.
  2. Turn north wongs into Timber Cartel.
  3. Not really. It takes 7 to 10 minutes to fill a HEMMT Box + your inventory. It sells for exactly $28,665, is quick, and is very low risk.
  4. inb4 thread gets deleted.
  5. Can land a heli by jumping out of it and it doesn't explode, but can't drive more than 1k without crashing into a pole. Good job @Maxime
  6. Great games if you like being scared shitless. Even if you don't, why turn down the free games?
  7. Who needs armor when you can barrel roll in a Quad Bike?
  8. I thought that maybe you wanted to patrol seagull cartel.
  9. I was a new Constable when this video happened. Maxime pulled a bunch of armor out (I think in total it was like 3 Striders and 2 Hunters), and we rolled around sirens blazing getting vested. It was good fun. This happened in like July or August i'm pretty sure.
  10. I remember this. It happened a few months ago. After the event, you raised taxes to 20% despite you saying that you wouldn't. 0/10 -Generic money hungry Kavala rat governor
  11. 420k get fucked
  12. Damn, there it is. Can't match that .5.
  13. 410k