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  1. Ye @massi is a shit tier cop dont know who gave him cpl bad decision
  2. don't apologize to @massi just kidnap him he loves it p.s. nice shot
  3. Imma take your diamonds buddy boi
  4. Dude stfu you are so god damn stupid every post you make should be automatically deleted why would zoex have to cover for anyone jesus put this dumbass on mod queue pls
  5. So like i said for new people on the server the chances of them owning houses goes so low that making money like scotch and making meth runs easier wont exist for them thus making them not want to play anymore
  6. -1 the people that have enough money clearly have the houses that allow them to make money so we shouldnt make it so these people can buy more of the good houses and own all this stuff theres nkt enough houses as it is
  7. Relax you're not even maxed on all traders
  8. Never met you before but Welcome back!
  9. RDM? Isnt that chop shop?
  10. a few days? if i dont crash 10 in a day its a miracle. they dont really let me fly anymore...
  11. You got me
  12. bad meme
  13. Well at this point anythings better than nothing the hype isnt the expectation i dont think its mainly the fact that we have someone with a good background looking into our problems. There are a good amount of people that are about to give up on Asylum so this could really help.
  14. Yes because 2 server with 80-90 people looks better than 3 with 40-50. Which gives the illusion that servers are populated and makes people wanna join.
  15. Not to be toxic but I'm pretty sure 3 is just on a timer. At least I am 100% it used to be. It would go up at 3 p.m. and go down at 3 a.m. haven't looked recently but I am interested to see if they actually put some code or something that actually depends on player numbers.