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  1. Damn dude this sucks he was so talented he wasn't stuck in 1 genre he was truly amazing R.I.P.
  2. this is literally the worst thing ive seen on these forums
  3. idk im not a huge fan
  4. What if you made a shit ton of drugs with 0 cops on and then stored it in your house and sold it when there was 5 cops on? Ez money?
  5. oddly enough i think thats my hunter
  6. Fine ill have them fix my name so people can @ me again
  7. +1 Get rid of this awful Chief Of Police he takes forever to do TO payouts
  8. That actually sounds like a really good idea tbh didnt read most of the post i just assumed it was a “cops shouldnt fight cartels leave us alone blah blah blah” most if the time i fight cartels lethals are called anyways lol
  9. You should be prepared for a fight if you are going to a cartel you shouldnt be sitting there watching youtube you outgun the APD it should be pretty easy
  10. Sliick i like you and all but i love how the rebels are all like oh we would kick the APDs ass at a cartel now we go there and they lose more than they thought so they want it taken away. Rebels also complain that there isnt any cartel fight but if the APD can raid you have a fight.
  11. I like this a little too much
  12. Dont judge me @Zoex
  13. I want to know some headphones that are really good and not sure where to look. I have like up to 300 to spend on them so I should be able to afford a wide range of headphones. Any suggestion helps appreciate it! Edit: BTW Idgaf about mic quality I use an external mic)
  14. @wollie35 y u so mad about it?