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  1. Woah old heads are back
  3. I miss u @Slade Wilson
  4. What took them 4 years to create would take any decent game devs about a month to make
  5. I dont trust u @Nino Brown <3
  6. alright but what i am saying is ud have to of had statistics from when asylum was super populated vs now
  7. Is that number not just the total people signed up for the forums because in that case you would have to keep track of how much that number rises each day week or month and see if it is as of recent higher than usual.
  8. Welcome back.
  9. lol that fuckn game i hate it but ik im buying all the dlc
  10. o you where the kind of guys i was talking about in my original post on this thread weird u popped up here
  11. I Love you too much #GenryHarold for Head Admin
  12. While true it does seem like some people dont get banned when they do blatant ass shit against the rules because they are friends or are in a gang with admins