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  1. I saw this yesterday and wanted to die
  2. Dont let him judge our people. Hatchling mission runs will prevail and we will have more FAST MTs and Fort Armors than him!
  3. I think 20k for a Mk-1 loadout is a pretty good idea but less i feel is too far
  4. How much do you believe a rebel loadout should cost?
  5. Wait wat?
  6. I know I am a Professional Rebel I fight all the cartels
  7. That's cause the only montage I have is me crashing hatchbacks as a Constable and I can send that your way if you wanna see some elite driving skills
  8. If you watch the whole clip none of the guys knew you were there but dont turn this into name calling c'mon man I'm just saying whenever someone does anything you dont just gotta hate and be toxic I am just playing arma and having fun
  9. This was in your montage
  10. I know 2.2k hours on arma is pretty much starting but I have spent that 2.2k hours pretty much only using Mk-1s. SPAR-17s and MXMs. I decided to use the LIM a little bit relax.
  11. Hey we were just checking em out and they started lighting one of us up
  12. Lies I am the best rebel youll ever meet
  13. Dont bully me
  14. But the recoil is too good
  15. I tried embedding it but it made it gross