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  1. I was unaware he was promoted at the time
  2. @Painbringa112 @Norwegianviking @Survivalizer
  3. Hey man good thing you still act like a scum bag got worried there for a minute. Thought you would respect someone for once.
  4. shut up google lol
  5. T... T... T.. TRIGGERED!!!!
  7. +1 I like MXSWs can we make those Corporal+?
  8. Tfw i used to be one of those career cop fucks
  9. What im hearing is youre just too good for the newbs on pubg
  10. Im offended you used gay in terms of stupid or bad instead of a man being homosexual… Link me your app…
  11. From what Ive been told by admins if you are clearly holding a gun aimed at someone and are in a threatening manner then you can just say "APD Hands Up" and youll be fine. Thats the way ive done it since I was a cadet and ive never beem rdm banned
  12. You know what? You're done buddy boy... Link me your app.
  13. Still love u bb <3
  14. I'll have you know, my favorite cheese maker, that I was on the cop side in this fight too bad tho. Also there was only like 4 Anarchy ppl in those 2 fights the rest were random friends.