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  1. i have one 1 Mil in dp10
  2. I can dig it
  3. #Identity2025
  4. if this post gets deleted just proves the admins and developers dont care and neither should we
  5. LMAO come on guys this game isnt comming out and we all know it
  6. LMAO good thing another looser druggie dead, and his music was shit too (but the music is personall opinion)
  7. i was thinking selling police mags, didnt realize you can get it with apex predator
  8. i thought this wasnt allowed?
  9. Gotta learn your lesson sometime right?
  10. 600k isnt nothing your right, but i lost it in one robbery lol
  11. Point is we knew something wasnt right..... just didnt think to look on the inside
  12. Degenerate? lol
  13. When you loose over 600k to meta gaming
  14. bought industrial shed yesterday for 200k right there!
  15. Still for sale?