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  1. Loved Rouge just running into the box at the end dawning a sui vest "Hello!" Explodes 10/10.
  2. 40 hrs a week at a job + Asylum? Easy if you give up your social life and any goals you have
  3. Fuckin finally, congrats buddy well deserved!
  4. In-Game Name- ZIMM Age- 24 Arma Hours(Screenshot)- https://gyazo.com/d3fd9a4940b02dd3bea5f39954912138 Banked Money- 5'000'000 Have you ever been Banned?- no Current/Past Gangs-Peach Cartel, Dark horse, Evil Corp, Team Berry, Stellar and some other ones i cant remember. Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak?- yes to the mic What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad?- Looking for some more pals that actually play this game still.
  5. Tanoa is a good map for Strife but not life. Stratis or Maldin plz
  6. Stratis a fun small map with no helis or Ifrits and a nice density of people offering more opportunities for fights and player interaction Tanoa a comparatively large map were you hardly bump into anyone and when you do its at coke pro cuz thats all anyone duz on tanoa and they are shooting you in the back cuz you didn't see them in the bush they were hiding in.
  7. Im probably alittle biased but Stratis pre 6.0 is something id like to try again. It wasn't good for the old community under Bamf and Paratis but i think its perfect for what Asylum is trying to be right now. The only problem was the house market.
  8. Hoping your connection from the land down under would mask the push i see
  9. Yea just playing mobile games xd
  10. I take my apology back for last night, that was karma.
  11. I think the point of JB's comment was misunderstood, he was proposing removing pardons for lethals & rewards for lethals. This would make getting lethaled and lethaling bad on all ends, in the hopes of no longer giving incentive for cops to use them unless absolutely necessary and increasing the number and size of bounties on the server.
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