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  1. welcome to asylum
  2. xD

    HAHA, Yes I have a corsair
  3. xD

  4. Why you have to do him like that hahahahahaha
  5. WTF is happening on S2 or is it all servers
  6. xD Very True
  7. welcome to the GREATEST COMMUNITY
  8. Please bring that back
  9. u forgot this
  10. Yea your right posting a picture means kneepads
  11. He banned me from ts because I was playing with tenacity bud get your story straight b4 you tell and all this post is you bitching and moaning [email protected]
  12. Didnt get kicked the leader got banned and @william made dynasty if i do recall
  13. Well grow some fingers xD, jk <3
  14. But rebels aren't fighting rebels anymore so they made it interesting