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  1. Hahaha @bbgreg17 we need to make a video with our clips the other night
  2. And the servers lag to shit once you get in combat, I dont know why this is but seriously something needs to be done with the lag, Olympus doesn't have this issue
  3. Hey I didn't say that @SpartanOfHope xD
  4. Still I need my tabacco cartel
  5. Can we get a Tobacco cartel for us redneck with the john deer skin xD
  6. @Jbdragon What happened
  7. Player Unknowns mod battle royale came out before h1z1 so I cant tell if your joking? and who cares if he helped them make h1z1 the game is a piece of trash and will always be a piece of trash... PUBG is better so there fore h1z1 is a ripoff of PUBG
  8. https://clips.twitch.tv/DrabHonestDragonCoolStoryBob' @TH9R
  9. at least medical assistance like at a rebel
  10. @Clint Beastwood What did u do to kevin