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  1. Here is my Payout suggestion: Make a 10 mil starting pot. 1st gets a 1.5m bonus on top of points 2nd gets a 1m Bonus on top of points 3rd gets a 500k bonus on top of points This Brings the start pot down to 7m for purely point based scoring. needs 20 or 30 points to qualify for points to prevent 1 tapping zones for a 1m payout. then goes up from there. Helps give the top teams a bigger boost, and lets the smaller gangs aford the Dom without grinding.
  2. I have a really simple solution that you can implement, without having to write a single line of code. Do not give access to your house unless you trust the people. Dont promote people in your gang to where they can access the gang house unless you can trust them. Make sure anyone who has keys to your house is legit ride or die and someone you can trust, ez.
  3. They would just skew the odds like they do in the current casino anyways
  4. take some better screenshots. The lighting and quality makes it hard to judge em
  5. Also a high chance to get a bust. More Gambling yay!
  6. You are doing something wrong. Making money is easier than ever right now. Try a different drug dealer in a different town, gear up and have only 1 dude sell while everyone else covers...then do splits. Scope the area out before you commit. Like it is so easy to just drive an entire evidence hemmt up to pyrgos or athira drug dealer and just dump everything. Just cover eachother and be down to lose shit.
  7. but at the end of the day the server would just have a weather script thats not implemented and shooting stars? It seems like just doing the night time script would be more worthwhile.
  8. Arma weather is aids. Rain is super fucking loud, and fog you cannot see some people 10 feet in front of you while others can see clear as day.
  9. The times TS has disconnected and we have had to use discord for our voice comms shows how aids it is. The codecs in discord are shit, the available client settings are shit, and it is just unneeded. You host the TS server on the same box as the actual server dont you? So this is not a cost consideration? I guess you could write a bot to track more faction related stuff, but at the cost of quality it seems. Keep in on TS, and stay away from discord.
  10. Eh, we got 30-50 points even when our roster is down to 2-3, it is not that hard to get points on the board. The payouts are a bit lower of late, but I believe that is directly related to less money in the pool overall. Main gangs would be unknown, tp, and mafia. Virtue just rats on one cap with a 10 man so light gangs cannot hit them, and its not worth the main gangs hitting them with half a roster since the other half is defending some cap.
  11. @Jbdragoncheck this thread out fam
  12. Should Have JB work on the cap. His stuff is much better than what henry arnold puts out.
  13. The Evidence Lockup +1
  14. You should turn you textures up, it is not pixelated for me.
  15. Do not remove the deep sea ifrit, its the best one.
  16. I mean half the time not enough cops are on anyways, and the other half they are dead and do no count towards the limit. I think 11-13 is the sweet spot, but wherever one lands on the number it needs to be 1 check. You have seen it first hand with us trying to do it before I believe. And you see the problem we have run into with cops logging off when we start events in general. We cannot and shouldn't force people to stay online, but we also should make sure people can complete the event they start if/when the cops quit. Also we cannot be the only group that has this issue. One check is all that is needed.
  17. So the second cop number counter needs to be removed. After you disable security it checks for 11 cops again on the demo plant. I would say at least 80% of our evidence lockups we start with 13+ cops and by the time the defenses are disabled enough cops ragequit that we cannot finish the lockup. It's really aids. Do the single cop check on the defenses and leave it at that.
  18. Everyone should just BM this and use it whenever they get points for paintballing!
  19. should have added a seizure warning with all the screen shake and loud ass music.
  20. hit backspace right before taking screenshots from ur camera.
  21. I say try a later sunday event and see how things pan out, can always reign it in later.
  22. yeah but even most east coast us folks wont be home from work by then, woulda made sense to have a spread of times
  23. I get there was a community vote, but noon as the time for each day would leave a lot of people out it seems? I am a worthless person who is always home so it does not affect me much, but dang, vary it a bit for people who work???
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