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  1. when i need to find a reason to kill myself
  2. Because I’m embarrassed of my name on minecraft.
  3. Gangs dead again. They banned me https://gyazo.com/fb99644a9705c397fcbc0df4342fcbec https://gyazo.com/b5e6eef9faccf849acc507a769d336b9
  4. Hell will freeze over before you ever get accepted into this gang you nasally inbred monkey.
  5. Strictly recruiting guys who are laid back and just don’t give any fucks. @Mitch (IFRIT)will be doing the interviews to see how many fucks you give, if any.
  6. Yeah nothing will happen. Dudes sucked enough dick to get away with basically anything.
  7. I’m not playing with a dirty cheater we are a wholesome gaming community
  8. When we gonna run it for a few days and quit again
  9. On another note, would you happen to be able to invite me to the Hanime.tv discord
  10. I was the first person to passenger seat someone in V2. @Clint Beastwood watched and can confirm. Just felt like this needed to be said.
  11. 3 of us just bought vr for it if that tells u anything
  12. Excellent craftsmanship. You part of the club now too?
  13. The downhill slope steepens
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