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  1. where is the 3rd "we do not care" option.You have to represent everyone in a poll my guy.
  2. Good Lub

    APD QoL

    just buy another one
  3. i regret it but it had its moments
  4. have not played this dead server for some months now and frankly idek who you are.
  5. been playing this game longer than you sucking sergeants bud
  6. go on civ if u want to see percent,maybe even fight it.Otherwise cope about it
  7. Good Lub

    Self lockpick

    these newgen gangs are simply coping for no reason just git gud alrdy this game and server has been out so long
  8. the suggestion itself is quite retarded but cops complaining about lack or roleplay should first take a look at their policies (insta jail cough cough...).
  9. remove all these useless caps.the idiot who designed it should honestly receive an award for this garbage
  10. why is a stupid oil rig a drug cap and why is the house cap now oil cartel? There is some serious 🤡ing going on.I bet this will surely revive gang life
  11. its fine the way it is.Game should not be a prison sim for rebels to play.Having cops killed 24/7 is the only fun thing left for rebels and even that gets old eventually.Also kinda weird that the prison suggestions seem to come from apd only players.Since getting sent to prison is almost guaranteed with the ridiculous explosive prices and the retarded captain policies having these pointless changes wont make anything any better.
  12. Ok use a silenced 9mm protector im sure you will be able to take down every rebel with that.Also that kind of scopes just encourage roaching and sniper elite even more.
  13. no supressor of any kind,play gta if you want them
  14. you might be the most braindead person in this online forums community.
  15. Good Lub

    House Drug

    "balanced"it just depends on the skill level to make it into a 5 or a 1.
  16. or you could go on civ for a while/quit and wait for more ppl to join
  17. Even if you had unlimited access to the rebel armory you would still lose.The problem is not the weapons its the strats.You are complaining about csats and armor when cops already get the best possible armor in the game.Also why would it be balanced in favour of cops,its meant to be harder for cops to push so they can utilize numbers+swat. If the apd isn't going to admit that it has skill issues within it i'm not even sure why any further discussion is even needed.
  18. hunter for corporals,a tank,a mobile spawn point,menace to society crap,just to name a few
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