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  1. career srt gang plague on the scene.
  2. 2 cringelords on this thread
  3. a mx sw or even a navid is useless when you are fingerless
  4. you teamkilled your friend at first plate idek why u all monkeys complain when you kill yourselves
  5. wrong them q19 niggas try to take it but fail
  6. I'm sensing some clowning from all but one parties involved
  7. APC?Check Ifrits?Check Sniper Elite Ultimate Edition?Check Braincells?error 404
  8. Good Lub

    q19 moment

    stop clowning
  9. you could just fly out of there but you decided to be a fool and accept your fate
  10. mr slick fooled everyone into wasting their $
  11. do you take me for a fool? Last sunday you applied for MiB having over 1k arma 2 hours and now you have more than 1.5 Denied
  12. im indian i can say it why would some1 even buy an ifrit/qillin if its so expensive?Might as well make the quadbike slam the new meta
  13. the guy above me is doing some serious clowning
  14. from the chinese pov it shows that they both died at the same time by the same person when clearly he would not be able to do that However they probably lagged and just happened to die together
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