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  1. Maybe could be cool only having night time be given every 2nd or 3rd restart OR it could be coded to skip a cycle in every restart (obviously there's a timer for day/night. maybe it could randomly jump from 17:00 (night start) to 09:00 (day start) im not sure how easy it could be to code for it to be random. but that would make every restart different. some might get 5 nights some might get 1 or none.
  2. you mean support? maybe if these cunts did more people wouldnt go without responses.
  3. can confirm, Admin menu is kinda shit. fuck all options
  4. How dare you call this peanut brain sir.. it's either ma'am or fuckwit. Best you chose wisely next time 🀣
  5. Other gangs made new gangs to take the fort as well Or to fight with the main gang and have more people in the zone. We made the new gang because a new recruit took a turf. We had no advantages like the other gangs who were putting more than 8 in the zone.. They never had it removed.. only hyper. You on the spot banned some of us for low key not even ban worthy shit mid fight which made us lose fights. Just overall petty shit to give your own guys advantages
  6. Cunt your the most dyslexic cock smoker I've ever met. Nobody would let you buy the server. Your a monkey..
  7. Nigga you act like I play asylum??? Bitch please. I got better things to do than play a 15 year old game on a server that has less pop that your mothers room every night. Skiman was the most biased admin I've ever met. Server should thrive In his absence.
  8. isnt that what every gang does? or people camp rebels
  9. this is true. well i guess if theres a policy update preventing officers from arresting civs or even restraining who are attacking the event then downing works, i just think overall makes it harder for civs if they get lethaled..
  10. you limit the players attending the event, If someones wanted for 100k and the cops only get 50k for the event they will 100000% go for the 100k bounty... making the event void. lets say people are wanted for 200k and the reward for cops is 150k. again, they go for the bounty. the only way this event is going to work is cops use lethals and not downing. Not a single officer would pass up on a civ's bounty
  11. new policy - Any officers attending event lethals authorised. simple, Also with event YOU DO NOT restrain civs that Cadets down. In the Policy... Not up to officer. {What happens to little johnny who just joined the server 30 minutes ago and is driving down the MSR when he comes across this convoy. You think it’s good to straight lethal him?} Ummm no? because he's not fucking involved? you would know if they are attacking or not simply by them getting out and shooting at the convoy. {I think evidence needs 15-17 cops to start, hence why it hasn’t been touched in months.} then clearly it needs to be dropped, asylum's not got the population to hold 15-17 cops.. make it less cops but harder mechanics, Longer, Different...
  12. The idea would be great. However. minimum 5 cops, all cops must lethal (obviously cadets cant, so they can down however ONCE the event is started if a cadet downs someone attacking the convoy they are to be left alone. Not to be restrained, (if they get BH'd sucks to be them) Have the loot they take or the money the remove be taking from the Civ loot pile if they do the evidence. Almost like they are being corrupt and stealing from the evidence (really just to make the bigger groups WANT to do the evidence as no cunt does it and the loot stays there for months.) Idk if this is possible but would be a nice balance. also could make the cops required different for Sgt and Lt, example For a sgt to start it then there must be 8 cops online. for a LT theres only 5? (numbers subject to change. could be 10 and 7 idk... just so sgts can start it but it requires more officers.. also Retired Captains can not start it @Ken.sucks to be you.. get LT back scrub... Jk on the last one.
  13. same as bounty sharing for bounty hunters. Ez ban
  14. just dont have dumb cunts for gang members, have them shoot u πŸ™‚
  15. the fuck kind of resolution you running? 640x480???? Also like @HooDi said, You suck
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