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  1. Does this mean i can get comp for all the times An Envy cheater, sorry i mean player has killed me and stolen my ifrit?
  2. maybe.. but maybe your wrong. yeah your wrong, Gravls right.
  3. pretty sure the more cops + how long its been since its been robbed is what determines how much is paid. Could be wrong ah okay
  4. +1 good idea. also means people cant wait for the end of the restart to hit the bank and get the best possible pay out. seems fair tbh. (give us civs a pay out if we kill the bank robber) Kthanks
  5. allow people to put in AR just like the APD where the script doesnt target the player ID's on that list. couldnt be that hard to do
  6. FUCKING LOOOOOOOOOOOL! your a legend
  7. let the guy do his own thing.. Goodluck with the gang!
  8. if you feel accomplished in arma 3 the world is better off without you.
  9. i honestly just think remove cartels, remove guns and everyone sit around a camp fire eating burnt marshmallows.
  10. +1 but would need to cost a fortune...
  11. Sounds like a good way to kill off the remaining players. Crypto was a big enough money sink as it is. Having a stock market would be stupid.
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