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  1. thats becuase your connection is so fucking trash. every people i play with who has 15-60 ping sees you floating in the ground, rubber banding all around.
  2. Our solution isn't region lock, its remove the ability to connect with a VPN, As a lot of people have high ping but they dont lag around like these dudes.. I agree everyone should be allowed to play this server as it keeps it populated and helps keep it running but it should not affect everyone else's gameplay this bad. I hear everyone complaining about them.. when I play cop most of the people I play with or come across hate fighting them, Other civs constantly telling side chat how laggy they are. What about setting ping limit to 300/350 or even 400... wasn't it like 250 last time? so those abusing ping delays get kicked.
  3. I never recall you saying it but ok. I've never seen it in sidechat and even so 1 guy being somewhat laggy vs an entire gang being laggy as fuck? come on..
  4. I have 200-250ping and i have never had someone call me out for being as laggy as you, I dont get tower lag like you, i dont get dpi lag like you, I dont get as bad vehicle lag as you... so its not ping related its 100% a lag method or its because of the delay in the vpn. Maybe Buy a better connection. "you can kill with 1 or 2 shots, and we need 8 to 12 to do it. You also have more than 200 delays for these videos. I think I don’t believe it. See for yourself" did you even watch the fucking video??? how many shots did manhua take to die and the fucking delay of it???? like hello? more than 2 shots buddy.. was about 15 total and it took the server almost 1 fucking minute to register he died for him to die and be out of the fight giving you fuckers a huge advantage... LIKE HELLO? that's not fucking normal.. BTW 2 of the videos aren't mine. only the top and bottom, the middle two are someone from Americas point of view so there ping is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY Less.. and its still fucking cancer for them.. Sucks to be them. Don't go to uni if you want to play arma 3 πŸ™‚
  5. Removal of the VPN access isn't stopping people from being able to play if its a legit gamer with access so problem solved. If you cant play without it that's not our problem and it shouldn't punish the people who spend there time here. If you cant join without a VPN for what ever reason you can always find another game. It should be pretty obvious the people playing on here shouldn't have to put up with shit like that.. Maybe asylum could host a China hosted server
  6. when dragon, Lighting group up with each other and throw Q19 or NV in when its 4-5 of us v 16 (yes fuck plague group had 16 people in it) was kinda aids.. We also get that lag at House cap and OG or when they try roach fed events.. its not just tower lag. we have only just recently started recording..
  7. @tom "Makes you wanna quit, yeah you didn't play when the server used to kick you every 25 minutes. Unbelievable how you new gen players have to have everything catered to you." I have Been here since late 2014, played through all the aids.. But when i have higher ping than these people and NOBODY calls me out for this kind of shit, but EVERYONE is calling them out for it that makes zero sense for that statment... like seriously look in side chat when ever someone dies or kills someone who we know is on a VPN.. its legit cancer. the delay is fucking outrageous Also for the headshot video, that's just arma. I still see headshots not counting for the standard kills in KOTH/Wasteland/CQC and shit. so that's irrelevant as fuck
  8. I have no idea why but for some reason someone thought it was a good idea to allow VPNs for certain people.. this is by far the worst decision made for this community.. If you cannot connect to the server without a VPN that's a you problem, it should not affect every other person in the community because a handful of people live in a certain country which doesn't allow gaming or long periods of gaming. Lately its been almost un playable unless you have 10-15 people to fight against these gangs with VPN access as it creates enormous lag when they send the data to the VPN service which sends it to asylum and back adding a delay in data transfers. I have never witnessed someone die and then kill someone a solid 50seconds - 1minute after death until now and that person is running around like its tower lag but on the ground and when in a tower almost invisible inside a wall or beneath you shooting you from nowhere... This has to stop or I feel people will quit playing. Just a few clips to show what i actually mean.. Please take note Doxino dies at 0.7 seconds, stays dead but kills Manhua at 0.54 seconds while dead.. makes zero sense how this is happening... This is Doxinos Point of view of the above video, as you can see hes dead. stays dead but kills manhua somehow? yeah ok.. I know tower lag is somewhat cancer but this? this seems new https://gyazo.com/b1cefc0b97e89a89c0aeac8413f7e182 Where did i die from? the moon? or am i missing something...
  9. i guess it has some sort of validation since not many people will donate 550 but would donate 150-250 if they are guaranteed to get what they want @william
  10. TBH i would think most people want maybe 1-3 orca skins, 1-3 ifrit skins and maybe 2-4 clothing skins at $25 lets say 3 3 and 4 thats only $250.. say someone wants 15 skins all up, thats $375.... how is he going to make more money by letting people buy skins individually? Or are you thinking people will pay more money buying all the skins even the ones they dont like? also crate keys would make bank! i bought like 10-15 of the new ones and got bust every time lol. I intend on buying more soon so mitch's pockets must be nice from the keys
  11. you would be surprised of how lame people have got these days... I went to sofia/arms/therisa and the boat and a gang member went to pygros.. the only rebel we didnt go to was kavala and all of them had someone at it sitting in a tower no vehicles there, no one in the buy box just some douchebag sitting in the tower waiting for us to land or drive up so they could steal our shit. its so aids and yeah i guess.. maybe if the APD is within 1km it wont be radiated? idk... its so frustrating when this shit happens all the time
  12. Since its almost fucking impossible to get to a rebel these days at peak times without some clown sitting there 24/7 there needs to be some sort of prevention of it... Add radiation poisoning with no cure... if you enter rebel and dont leave a 300m radius in a certain time.. with this new loadout gear up if someone cant gear up within 5minutes then they should change games, but being fair 5-10minutes seems like that's plenty of time to gear up and leave and anymore than that your just camping and being cancer. +1 if you agree πŸ™‚
  13. In game name - CrikeyMate player ID -76561198204908152 Age (must be 16+ and mature) - 28 Arma 3 hours (Must have 1000+)- 5211 Arma 3 asylum hours (must have 200+)- at least 5000 xD How many hours per week can you put in approximately ? - average 30-40hrs Do you understand what this gang is about and what are focus is? If you do then are you willing and able to participate in these regularly? -Yes, mainly a cartel fighting crew What previous gangs were you in and why did you leave? -Too many to list, but most recents are - Ruckus but it disbanded. - Zenith and i felt it was time to move on. Why do you want to join and how could you benefit this gang by being a member? - new atmosphere and new people. Im experience at cartels and have lots of knowledge of the server Who referred you to this gang or asked you to join? -Leaders.
  14. What if you could toggle it? So when someone toggles it they are expecting a loss of money? Not just some rando loses 300k and asks why? Could be easier for everyone
  15. i think you should get 2-3 days of initial purchase date to refund it with 100% cash back, 7 days at 50% and then after 7 days you get nothing. once you refund it, you cant rebuy it for 1month means people can try something, if they dont like it they haven't just wasted hours of grinding money for it. anyone caught abusing it cops a 3day wipe πŸ™‚
  16. One would think before adding all this new shit you would optimise and fix any issues with other shit you added that doesn't work properly.
  17. some uneducated admins consider anything not normal exploiting.
  18. so you removed the 30day house wipe? noice
  19. Age: 82 In-Game Name: Edafssorc Previous Gangs: Proclive, Sukcur, Yticixot, StnimigeR Vouchers: Ydoog, Etats808, Ocard, Seyekans, Eedyont, Abmood, Amrakdab, Why do you want to join Zenith? Remag etile na eb ot tnaw i Picture of Arma3 Hours: @Goody
  20. if you want to wipe your player base go ahead xD As mentioned above, add a house tax. maybe like 2-3k per house per day and if you dont log on at least once a week and pay it the tax gets higher and higher (1mill max) or until the bank takes your house and you lose everything in it. But wiping this kind of server will kill it for sure. might have 10-20 people daily but it wont be successful like it has been.
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