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  1. Lmao that's so ironic that you say that... lmao.. pot..kettle..
  2. Wait wait wait... so that really is him?... and your calling ME a retard? You simple boy?
  3. kid? lmao im a grown ass man get out of your parents basement and stop stealing videos off youtube and posting them as your own... kid
  4. ok first of all someone linked this to me off youtube almost a week ago, second of all the bullet never left the casing, the casing was breached and the gun powder excaped it out the side. and that is bigger then a .45 looks like a .500 S&W but nice try lol
  5. btw i want comp for that heli or see you on the forums Bishop
  6. Haha P1, not a dull night with Ken, White and Maxime.
  7. As the topic says i am looking for a house up close to cocaine processing on server 1 needs to be atleast 70k house size that can fit 2 large crates, the bigger the better though
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