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  1. @Patato i expect it to me money when i log in in my !comp and that u didnt take all the cut we earned yesterday, since it not our fault that you devs havent fixed all the bugs/exploits. We shouldnt suffer money wise for finding a bug/exploit we didnt even knew existed. Because if all the money is removed then you should remove all the money from all the gangs that had won and had cheaters that are now banned. Since its that logic you are using.
  2. Im not mad? But your feelings are hurt, since you made all this effort and posted this post. Stop caring this much bro, its only a game.
  3. Holy fuck you guys cry alot. We have so much shit on you guys and could have had all of you guys banned but we dont report it, bc we think whats best for dom, and with less players dom wouldnt be so much fun right? But I guess you guys are so dumb u cant think that far. Its just a fucking game.
  4. There is nothing wrong of being old my friend, im old as fuck
  5. Get esp instead, you can see everyone! Trust me its fun!
  6. I think you should start making reports on the forums. For exemple I make a report here with the details. Admin respond and then tag the player and give him a chance to explain or show his pov of the situation. And even the players can discuss If u want comp and resolve the situation them self. If no respond is given then u Ban the player. With this alot of people that would have been banned unfairly are given a chance to explain and still be able to play instead of getting banned and not being able to play until a admin respond to their supportricket.
  7. I do, to remember the good Times Thank you boys
  8. cartel fights are dead, thats why.
  9. chrome.

    Gang Wars

    find us a new game we can play together!!
  10. chrome.

    Gang Wars

    come play arma with me... oh wait
  11. chrome.

    Gang Wars

    well, u can tell them that the community wants updates on domination
  12. chrome.

    Gang Wars

    u where the only admin pushing domination, please focus on dom again. U guys have a really good thing going on here and every player from every server talks about it. Dont throw it in the trash can.
  13. chrome.

    Gang Wars

    please focus on domination first, then gangwars..................................
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