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  1. @Nomadox how does it feel that this gang has become bh that camps rebels?
  2. everyone dies to hacker , except me and admins... hmm

    1. G F

      G F

      shut it old man get off of defensive dildo

    2. chrome.


      never, its called chrome rocks now

  3. u playing against AI's?
  4. chrome.


    Those 15k hours are paying off, nice
  5. sorry, i see that you are missing some fingers
  6. most of the cartels players do that, to strafe on banana rocks. or any other rock.
  7. Just play without leaders, gather the squad and come fight cartels
  8. Where has spaceforce been last days??
  9. Says the guy who begs to join unknown, and then when denied begs for friendtags. And dont Think by editing your messeges will save you bc i have that screenshotted.
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