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  1. Cartellog #1880 They say a picture says more than a 1000 words so here you go.
  2. was toooo fucking easy wiping plague today, no match with even numbers!! got so boring so trying to find competition on valorant now ZzZZ
  3. Cartellog #1760 The battle of the Zergs Today we fought a big battle, the battle of the Zerg!! We matched the other zergs number for once so it became an even zerg vs zerg and man let me tell you, it was to easy.. almost feel asleep for a while there, dont you agree guys?
  4. thank you and thank you for an amazing time at rebel! lets do it again but this time i want a pawnee too
  5. Cartellog day #1337 plague zerg keeps the struggle against us, even with more numbers. Next update is tomorrow
  6. thank you, those where some very nice nudes. I'll PM the adress where u can ship her too.
  7. yeah, im not doing that anymore, i broke requiem doing that..
  8. i broke requiem, sorry guys.

    1. G F

      G F

      is ur gang gonna fight us now?

    2. chrome.


      nah, you guys bounty hunt in donor.

  9. nah, im just the better player.
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