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  1. i will never ever again show you a preview of my montages...
  2. Dude this is why DM's are for!! But yeah.. i guess i will..
  3. The daddy force is strong in me Fuck, dont say that in here man.. masking me look like a fool
  4. Well im a nice guy so.. Banger after banger, boomer style
  5. daddy chrome on the beat tack så mycket broder
  6. thank you mr new Simo Häyhä
  7. can we just play the game and have fun gamers.
  8. In game name: chrome Player ID: 76561198049297758 Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot required): 4k EU/NA: EU Vouching members: everyone
  9. NICE JAY!! now i can only play saturdays!!!
  10. @RoguePilot is with out no doubt best pocket admin. Won us every fight with unknown thanks to admin esp and tp!!
  11. Make it more like gta rather than olympus Hi btw
  12. shut up ethan, im gonna cl on you
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