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  1. I already killed a cop before this so they were chasing me for 3K... and my buddy has a 2 dollar bounty! Enjoy
  2. Why the fuck when i kill a mother fucker he dont drop money? Fix that shit! Happened at both the drug runner and drug dealer. yes i let them sell 1st
  3. Application How old are you: 27 Are you patient: yes Bounty Hunter or Rebel: both Driving Skills 1-10: 9 Flying Skills 1-10: 5 Marksman Skills 1-10: 8 Role Playing Skills 1-10: 8
  4. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/10series/geforce-store/ Buy it directly from nvidea site but they need more in stock. Buying anywhere else is re-sellers marking up the price because of the Mining Bit Coin craze. Cant beat the 1080TI right now even with the new series being released the 1080Ti will not drop in price.
  5. In game name: Powers Teamspeak name: Powers Timezone: EST Age: 30 Arma 3 hours (screenshot): What members can vouch for you?: no one Why should we accept you into Exposed Gaming?: Great team player, Good communications and a lot of laughs! my 1st steam account was jacked which probably had 2k hrs. I played Altis in 2015 the most The server you are most active on?: Active on all servers and own properties on all servers. Previous Gangs, you were in?: Bionic Most active time for you(weekdays, nights, weekends, etc.): From 6-10PM EST and week
  6. Peaceful Escobar aka Peacefulfarmer here! Like my name says I love to farm and I joined a great gang on server 3 "The Escobar Familia" Hello all!
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