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  1. Jewelry crafting is bugged. I have the mats for a watch, but it says I don't have the correct mats. https://ibb.co/sydyKLr https://ibb.co/vmss2yg https://ibb.co/4Z3mVtY
  2. LSD was broken money in it's day, eclipsed only by the monster that was house weed. The powers that be did right by nerfing it, but they over did it to the point that LSD simply isn't profitable against some of the other illegal routes. A purified sheet is dogwater for the risk, one would be better off running coke bricks, meth, or spirits. If you want to see LSD get life, I'd suggest making it possible to age pills into sheets again (using lead lined housing) while keeping the nerfed sheet price. Of course, having a money maker that is even partially passive triggers the hell out of some, so I have doubts that it would ever be considered.
  3. Was just getting on to post about this. Jewelry crafting has lots of steps involved, and due to the weight of the rolled metals you can't really craft very much at a time. This wouldn't be bad if you weren't forced to then go straight to Warlord to sell the unstorable jewelry. Not very profitable per-minute when you consider how much work and risk is involved. Western Warlord would be nice, but not even really necessary. Just make the crafted products storable, and this will be a viable money making method.
  4. Rolling silver/gold and crafting jewelry don't currently give any infamy. Intentional?
  5. New legal, illegal, and crafting content. Badass.
  6. >Go to rebel to buy some mags >Map now shows that you are in rebel >Every rat and their mother will be rocketing to rebel to kill you Honestly worse than campers.
  7. For years rebels and bounty hunters have asked for certain kit pieces that APD have regular access to, but for balancing reasons are never made buyable to the civ population. What if there was a way, albeit heavily limited, to acquire these items without having to abduct cops? Concept: Add an NPC known as the Assassin Shop or Fixer Shop that sells a limited stock of high value end-game items such as police clothing, black guns, suppressors, bipods, and possibly even a mid range scope such as the MOS (5x max zoom). The Assassin would have a limited supply of these special items, with his stock being random based on restart. For example, one cycle he may have a set of police black NVGs, a rifle bipod, and a handgun suppressor, while the next he might have a mag of 7.62 downing rounds, a black PO7, and a police hat. Balances: •The items would be one time buys, so once the three or so items are bought the Assassin is out of stock for the rest of the cycle. All prices would be nothing short of exorbitant as all items for sale are smuggled APD equipment, likely a minimum of 100k for even the most benign items. •To make the shop more exclusive, the NPC would be hidden in highly obscure, unmarked locations; the top of an old hiking trail in the forest, in the back alley of a destroyed village with nothing of value around, tucked away in an alley on the outskirts of one of the bigger cities, etc. The Assassin would be rotated to a new, secret location every restart, preventing him from being easily farmed. I am not sure if making the location rotate to entirely fresh locations without repetition is feasible for the devs, so please comment if it isn't possible. •To add risk, all purchases must be made with cash, however the Assassin will not have an inbuilt ATM like rebel. Buyers must risk carrying large amounts of cash. •As a counter to the Assassin, the APD might be allowed to "arrest" the NPC if they find him before civs do, closing him down for the rest of the cycle. This could even be made into a mini-event for APD to defend the scene as he is arrested while civilians try to disrupt the arrest (5-10 minute defense of the random location around NPC). •If added, APD might create a special charge for all contraband that is on the list, or increase the weight of "Possession of Police Equipment" to add more risk for civs who use the Assassin's Shop. Suggested Prices: (PRICES INTENDED TO BE MONEY SINKS, MAY NOT REFLECT PRACTICAL VALUE) Police Vest, NVG's, Hat, Rangemaster Clothing: $100,000 per article Black PO7 Handgun: $100,000 Black SPAR-16: $150,000 Black MK-1 (Black 7.62s): $200,000 Downing 7.62 mag(x1): $25,000 Bipod: $150,000 9mm Suppressor: $150,000 .45 ACP Suppressor: $150,000 5.56 Suppressor: $200,000 6.5 Suppressor: $250,000 7.62 Suppressor: $300,000 MOS (5x Magnification): $300,000 OTHER WEAPONS/EQUIPMENT COULD BE ADDED AT HIGHER PRICES AS FURTHER MONEY SINKS ALL LISTED ITEMS COULD BE SOLD TO THE ASSASSIN FOR THE SAME VALUE (INCENTIVE FOR THEFT OF POLICE EQUIPMENT) Justification: Late game on Asylum leaves something to be desired. There are groups and even individuals with so much money that pulling a frit is like pulling a hatchback. If this shop is added, you will see players dumping their money into these at every opportunity. Due to the limited stock and the general secrecy of the shop, it would take a very long time for any of the items to proliferate. Players who acquire a high value item would likely be less willing to risk throwing them away, saving them for major fights. Also, the remote locations would force players to actually explore the map rather than sit in one city or field all day. If any of the items on the list seem either too cheap or impossible to balance, please do not dismiss the entire concept out of hand. The concept of a secret, moving shop would get people to explore the more quiet parts of Altis, whatever is needed to balance his inventory is a welcome suggestion.
  8. Another APD captain? Multiplying like rabbits.
  9. How few is "very few". 5, 10, 20? The scarcity impacts how tight the requirements have to be.
  10. Wrong. Make nights darker and make NVG's 10k a pop.
  11. House number isn't the issue, pure activity is. Altis is a huge map. If you want a decent house in Kavala, Pyrgos, or Sofia, you will find one. If you want a nice house in a small town or in the sticks for drugs/crafting you will find one. The only housing markets that are truly tied up are: Athira, Cartel/Free Fire, sheds, and close drugs like meth lab and purification. Obviously big gangs and old time players are going to cling to those properties like crazy because of their strategic value. There is no shortage of housing, and making blanket restrictions like a reduced house cap would not fix the "housing shortage" at all. Big gangs would just drop their shacks in the sticks to keep their valuable city houses. Nothing would change. Better idea: Seize homes/sheds in red zones once every 2-6 months under imminent domain and either auction or lottery them off to people who aren't in the gang of the previous owner.
  12. On behalf of the Kavala Police Department, we salute you.
  13. I hope this gets approved. It would come in handy for bounty hunters (and people who RP as corrupt cops in Kavala). No reason not to add it.
  14. INTRODUCTION 2022 - Crime is up 236% across the island, and there is no end in sight. It's clear that the state police (APD) are mired by incompetence and corruption. With no one to turn to, the people of Kavala have formed their own private police force, the Kavala Police Department, to take back their city! The KPD is in need of new officers (like you) to help keep our fair city safe. The KPD is a privately funded organization that answers only to the City of Kavala. We offer our officers the finest training in the use of firearms, vehicle operation, and civil interaction. KPD fields it's officers with the finest weapons and uniforms, straight from the Kavala Armory. We work in close cooperation with the various defending militias in Kavala to maximize our effectiveness. Join the KPD to see why we're widely considered the best law enforcement agency on the island. Would you like to know more? Read below for application instructions. REQUIREMENTS [•1•] KPD is first and foremost a roleplay gang. While we absolutely care about winning the fights, what matters most is how we portray ourselves beforehand. If you aren't interested in playing the role of a crooked cop, a career in the KPD is not for you. [•2•] Officers of the KPD wear uniforms. Unlike the APD we don't get to spawn with kits, so this means we have to gear up between patrols and other ops. KPD also uses a number of Arma Squads to add our logos in game. If this bothers you, a career in the KPD is not for you. [•3•] The KPD does not have a limit on gameplay hours, however we reserve the right to keep anyone with under 200 hours as a Rookie until such time as they either reach 200 hours or show proficiency at the game. We will try our best to train you. [•4•] All officers must own property in the City of Kavala. Applicants who do not own Kavala property will remain a Rookie until such time as they can prove residence in the city. [•5•] All officers must be financially self-sufficient. While the department's Police Academy will help newer applicants earn income, all Rookies must pay a $250,000 testing fee before graduation. Rookies will remain as such until they can afford to pay this fee. [•6•] The KPD prides itself on doing the real police work the APD either can't or won't do. If someone in the Kavala area is being robbed or needs help, it is your duty to offer some assistance. This can include mass shootings, kidnappings, gas station robberies, and vehicle recovery. We also collect bribes, offer protection to criminals who pay us off, and kill people outside of town for fun. [•7•] The department will often conduct planned patrols, checkpoints, undercover stings, and other law enforcement operations. Officers will be required to attend and assist in these events when they are on duty. Roaming and killing is cool, but pull up for the gang. [•8•] The KPD is self-funding. Officers will be required to assist in operations that either add to the budget or stock our armory once a week. [•9•] Officers of the KPD are required to adhere strictly to Asylum server rules at all times. If it seems questionable, ask your fellow officers and take caution. A W in a gunfight is not worth an avoidable ban. APPLICATION To apply to the KPD, reply to this thread with answers to the following questions: -[Personal]- [•1•] Ingame name [•2•] Age [•3•] Discord [•4•] Hours available weekly -[Ingame Information]- [•5•] Arma 3 hours played [•4•] Current Asylum money [•5•] How would you rate your gunplay skills in Arma 3? [•6•] Have you been in a gang? If yes, list them. [•7•] Have you ever been in the AFD [•8•] Have you ever been in the APD [•9•] Why do you want to join the KPD?
  15. Anyone else ever just flatten all of the barley field with a car for fun?
  16. I can live with the wipe. It's hard as hell on solo grinders like me, but I can stomach seeing my mils get axed. What I can't stomach is losing all of my hard earned houses without a fair shot at getting at least one of them back. I see people in this thread suggesting that we keep the data from the temp wipe for the perm wipe. If that happens, lots of players will be getting fucked. By now the kids who decided to run the "temp" wipe already have the good real estate. It would be unethical to advertise a temp wipe only to then make that data permanent. Also, as someone said further up, if we do a full on perm wipe the exact hour, timezone, and date need to be relentlessly spammed in game and on forums for at least a week or two so people can plan accordingly. Once these houses get bought up, they will be static again for however many years until the next wipe, and personally, I don't want to give up Kavala mansion. Take my cash, take my kits, don't give my house to that shitter Human Eater.
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