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  1. Noooooo bro don't scare me like dat, don't worry bro you will be fine don't stress I hope ur in the clear tbh and I wish you the best of lucks man stay home and keep your self protected from this shit.
  2. lmfao dank move rightere make evidance great again.
  3. Leave the captain's alone it is what it is bruv lmaoooo
  4. I mean they are not that far bruv don't be lazy XD
  5. Nah bruv 10 min should be long enough if you can't do dat idk what to say to u bud, or make it where they increase the timer but the 10 min log rule still applies if there is no rp is being done etc...
  6. use ur matrix hacks and some 10/10 dev skill bruv lmfao prolly a group of no lifes who got nothing better too do
  7. I love it when everything goes down every 5 min lmfao good memes
  8. lmfaooo this is the biggest meme i've seen so far, i mean its cpt bruv.
  9. yo all the suggestions are pretty lit but I feel like we should fix this ddos problem thats been going on plzzzz
  10. LMFAO good memes bruv make asylum great again love u papi
  11. I sense a protest about to start in this post lmfao
  12. 卧槽你们都这么骚的吗lmfao
  13. 哈哈你懂的兄弟我的意思是我操
  14. 卧槽为什么啊兄弟你行不行我打你屁屁
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