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  1. it says invite invalid...
  2. where da bars at tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. oops did i miss spell something lmfao
  4. well if u catch ppl doing it then just report them then they gon get smack
  5. I thought the AKM has always been in the gun store unless they removed it XD
  6. sounds like a intresting thing to do XD
  7. Noooooo bro don't scare me like dat, don't worry bro you will be fine don't stress I hope ur in the clear tbh and I wish you the best of lucks man stay home and keep your self protected from this shit.
  8. lmfao dank move rightere make evidance great again.
  9. Leave the captain's alone it is what it is bruv lmaoooo
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