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  1. Why can't we at least have a round two at 7pm for the people who got real lives
  2. HAHAHA cmon man. Accidental miscount, anyways smdftb
  3. If it’s at 6est, then EU gets on at 9pm on weekdays. It’s not too bad but definitely would wanna hear their side. Regardless I am not making weekdays time anyways, it’s gotta be 7 for me and that’s kinda late for everyone else.
  4. @Bherkygot 3 lives before he’s kicked. Feels bad man
  5. This kid really put a frame shake on him jumping off roof XD
  6. RIP the cringe LSD/Bud campers.
  7. -Application- (If accepted, and interview will follow) In game name; Richard Hours in Arma 3 (screenshot): 2500 Age: 23 Timezone: EST Previous Gangs: Taco Bell, Catalyst, Insurgo Why do you want to join KGB?: To fight crypto fed Do you know anyone in KGB? If so who?: Mitch, Bandit, Fitz, the whole armada
  8. I've spoken to Bherky MAYBE 2 times and he spammed my TS w this link. So weird bro
  9. Bro please just let me buy you a windows key. I can’t stand that watermark
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