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  1. u do u bro... i will never shave my armpit hair 100% off. maybe just a shave but thats it
  2. Not worth ur money bro, save up for a better game imo
  3. More importantly, do you think the donation would actually help the game development and be worth it or not?
  4. I have only had pineapple on pizza 1 time and it was good. sausage pizza is awesome
  5. I have seen officers and corporals that do not care about roleplay. All they do is shoot eachother, crash helicopters, and ignore you when you are kidnapped. I have seen members get in a server and sit around at HQ collecting processing checks. Yes it is okay to joke around, but we need to have some form of RP, as that is what asylum is, a RP community.
  6. Dear me expect disconnections all im saying
  7. lmao why change it now. get gud and dont get caught
  8. Isnt it against the game rules to purposely run infront of someone's car as they are driving though the city just to give them a bounty? This pisses me off
  9. I was always under the assumption that CSAT Pilot Coveralls were better, but they could very well have the same armor. If I had to choose, I would say go with the CSAT friendly cald man
  10. if taxes went above 15% id lethal the gov until they went back down, and i would have no issue with doing so +1
  11. well the gov ballot is broken so I wish the development team would care enough to fix it
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