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  1. https://discord.gg/FDWkUSU all asylum people if you wanna play
  2. In Game Name: {-M-} , Mirage Age: 20 Are you a member of the APD (rank): Constable Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?: Yes RDM for 3 Hrs Any previous Gangs: Dark Horse, The Uninvited https://gyazo.com/e959152ddfa6809fc934edf803305895
  4. Shutting asylum? Taking the donor money to Vegas at least let us know how much you made off of the communities money at the blackjack tables.
  5. where in my post did i say i wouldn't wait...i was making the point Clearly you didn't read it that they need to give themselves a more realistic timeline. and thats all cause its holding up a bunch of stuff that people want to do.
  6. "its an Exaggeration..." to get a point across that they have delayed it 4 times now.
  7. I want to start this off with a thank you I expect this to be a great thing for the community. Although this is getting pretty annoying, you guys just need to give yourself a realistic timeline can you please like just give us a date you will push it by and if its freaking November then at least we know there is no reason to just keep delaying it. The process of delaying it is causing so many issues for so many people on the server nobody wants to sell or buy houses, people don't want to buy crates and stuff cause they are getting removed like i was questioning buying barrels but I'm glad i did cause now its getting pushed more. On the police side I have heard from @DarkKnight that their hasn't been promotions due to V2 being right around the corner, there hasn't been a policy update because V2 is right around the corner like just make it realistic and then we wont be over here getting our hopes up.
  8. Half of these higherups hardly play like if youre so burnt out just leave/retire so they can get new people in there... no point in removing the RET role because they earned that rank in the past and it makes sense for them to still be an officer if they choose to be one. 60% of Higherups aren't even active enough to make a difference and the ones that are are the only ones that pull armor I/E @Dust Runner and @WolfLeader Cause the Mods/Admins/Captains are soooooo active that it really matters come on dude pull ur head out of ur butt... The Admins that are Active also mainly play with other admins and not some Joe schmoe constable so ur point of the whole apd force being resed so many times is irreverent
  9. Should just remove the evidence locker TBH
  10. All im saying your always getting a guilty plea... -M
  11. We at the APD are always too busy to deal with you...
  12. when was this video i can't recall that happening? @RoguePilot
  13. Clearly doesnt understand the way Kavala is run by farmersville on 1 and they just get the plebs to vote for them....
  14. There was an issue on the server today where ATM's weren't working this is why the servers weren't that alive ur misinformed...
  15. "Alright did somebody say lethals authorized?" ({-M-} 2019)
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