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  1. Cuz I would totally cheat on the server I put 3.2k hours in
  2. I never cheated on asylum buddy only on koth and CBC to fuck around with friends lol
  3. No I didn’t cheat on asylum I played koth lmao
  4. u got montaged by madlibs
  5. thats funny tbh sgts using to much of their power to fast probs just some robo cop sgt that hated the gang robbing it
  6. also who the fuck cares if they can go through a tiny hole that maybe a quad can fit through they still have a hemmit to bring out slow boy
  7. i really hope u guys didnt load lethals in the first 5 seconds
  8. so can we have different colored type 115s added? and make it like koth for cops so they have to purchase the gear everytime they spawn?
  9. Location: RCN Thread u have lied to us all BAN HIM AT ONCE
  10. i was expecting him to slam the water
  11. shut up kid u will be back u dont have anything else fun to do besides kerbal space program
  12. Demon!


    water barrel
  13. idk what the hell purge was doing they were running at u like infected in COD! LOL
  14. I DOUBT A GLOBAL BAN WOULD BE A MISTAKE MAN but if it was goodluck trying to qwork it out with them
  15. u tried to use free cheats to be a god and it back fired with shitty by pass
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