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  1. Been a fun ride man. See you around and good luck!
  2. Madlibs


    Been on asylum on and off for 6 years. Have a lot of good memories and made a lot of long time friends. We had a good run but my time here is coming to an end. I would like to give a special shout out to a few folks and gangs who made this a better experience Bamboo Union, Oblivion, FSA, Dark Horse, and the APD @Whitey, @Dust Runner, @Hype, @Donutkiller, @Bronx, @RoguePilot, @Clint Beastwood, @Judg3, @Abu Hajaar, @Leroy Jenkins @eRr0r : n0 UnIT @Vortex @John Wick @WolfLeader
  3. But only corp+ can go there which further reduces the likely hood of cops coming
  4. No one will do it though, and cops will never check it.
  5. https://gyazo.com/29155830deec601e8058b01860890d3f @Gen. Henry Arnold
  6. I'm not saying move it far as fuck. Maybe put the uranium mine where phosphorus is near athira and the power plant near boat shop by oil rig
  7. Any chance this whole thing could be moved south of ephedra or up in the mountains near athira (which makes more sense) @Gen. Henry Arnold
  8. I take full responsibility to singing at the intro
  9. Logic ft Eminem - Homicide Pretty cool music video
  10. +1 dude sucks a mean ole dick and has 7 toes
  11. It was the meme portion of the montage
  12. Madlibs


    Any chance we can get any updates on what yall plan to do with Asylum? Turf, Infamy, BH, Medic, Cartels
  13. https://gyazo.com/70096812362b8f5fbc91f756baad5b94
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