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  1. I think there should be role play rules for all factions and needs to be kept in place. One time me and my friend kidnapped a cop and kept him hostage for bank, when we started doing bank, the cop we had hostage wanted a role play situation for the bank, so he communicated to his fellow cops for negotiations and we negotiated a trade for the cops life and some time to get away and it went very nicely for a first time ACTUAL role play situation.
  2. im still waiting for motorcycles to be introduced
  3. https://gyazo.com/86853a662e73126aefa1688a1591ca22 Appealed it but it got denied for no reason anyway, they didn't even have proof of me being under age. @eRr0r : n0 UnIT Nobody wants to see your gay pfp.
  4. The problem isn't only the amount of ammo per clip of the weapon retard, its the 0 fucking recoil with the bipod.
  5. Imagine shooting an expensive rpg at a hatchback sport just to blow off his tires.
  6. 1k and a year n word pass and we got a deal
  7. Application: Ingame name: Tristan Discord name: Tristan#1337 Previous gangs: VC/BB Screenshot of hours: https://gyazo.com/b93a359274811e85b0b83d2caa043508 Screenshot of bank account: lets not do that
  8. i mean.... Badabing doesn't do shit for asylum anyway. He just got the owner title
  9. No, you are supposed to feel like a fucking retard for posting that. Also, don't try to argue if you can't spell.
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