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  1. quesadilla

    o7 boys

    peace through strength baby!
  2. quesadilla

    o7 boys

    its been a great time here on asylum and ive had some great memories playing here. Ive moved on to bigger things in my life and no longer have the patience for asylum. As a parting gift I have gave away 50-200k to each member playing at around 12:20 7/3/19. About 56 members who now can purchase a prowler full of strippers. I always wanted to be in the APD and when i got in it was sub par. not worth it. I lived my dream of being in farmersville for about 1 day, before the 5 mil i payed to get in was seized by the gods. The people who have made my time enjoyable here are as follows; Beemo, Jom, Sativa, the rest of the israelis, BW Justi, Taylor Goldberg, madlibs, kny, joshua quep, farmer steve, bag of funyuns, mayhem(YT Asylum Mayhem), and whoever taught me how to excavate my first time on the server. If i left u out you probably dont care but if you do lmk. FUCK12 o7- quesadilla (aka no$, nedmoney, NSA home computer)
  3. is this a future cop or civ vehicle? if its cop for seargent and above, im quitting this server. To many damn exclusive cop helis. #giveconstablesghosthawks
  4. chip I would like to request a trial by combat for admittance to the gang
  5. In Game Name: quesadilla Age: 29 Are you a member of the APD (rank): constable Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?: You tell me Mason  Any previous Gangs: tenacity, jeep guild, prime, *sighs* purge
  6. fair point, but i would like to see more medic choppers
  7. maybe in game but if you talk to him on discord his voice is much clearer and theres no lisp
  8. chip kny doesnt even have a lisp
  9. im not gonna sell to you just cuz ur my only offer
  10. not salty, not an RDMr. no need to get upset cuz youre terrible phil
  11. get off my thread fat ass and quit complaining cuz youre not good at the game
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