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  1. NA server,Fuck eu players
  2. When it was raining just now, you asked me to quit and rejoin, were you? I'm curious. What were you testing at the time?
  3. "They don't need these when they're looking for houses and huts, because they're marked with locations and clearance times.". Ha ha ha ha "Because my shed was purchased last year, someone bought it at the exact location and cleaning time of my shed.". Just at the moment of asylum, my gang members were waiting nearby and didn't rob them. Their IQ is 250
  4. Without a garage, it's just garbage.
  5. 小小书童,可笑可笑。 Asylum is an NA server. There is a reason that the server peaks at peak NA time not at peak EU time。 好吧,你太把自己当回事了。lol
  6. I think it can improve the closeness of goods and equipment, which may be a crazy suggestion. For example: 1. Methamphetamine will affect the inventory of armored vehicles sold in rebel base and bounty hunter base; 2. Cocaine will affect the sale inventory of MK-I and MX in rebel base and bounty hunter base; 3. Heroin will affect the sale inventory of 5.56 caliber guns and 6.5 caliber guns; 4. Iron, copper and diamonds will affect the sale and inventory of bulletproof vests and clothing; 5. The nuclear waste will affect the sale stocks of grenades and RPG ammunition; ....... This can make the guns and ammunition more scarce, the value of fighting death is higher, and can also make the gun and ammunition manufacturing industry revive again. Let people move.
  7. According to me, Chinese people began to join asylum in 2016, but there should also be Korean and Japanese. I joined in 2018. How about you? Please interpret the meaning of "asylum". Please do not take the attitude of other living communities towards VPN as a refuge. Although our dragon gang is slowly leaving arma3, we didn't cheat. Before leaving, Tom kept cheating and destroying the sheltered environment. I want to join APD, but my English is poor. If my English is fluent, I should be the captain now. Please call me sir.
  8. I am a member of the Dragon Gang, which is irrelevant to us. Because we are slowly leaving arma3, because we think it is old. But for the Beijing gang, they will definitely cry because they have donated a lot. OK, 1. Let's talk about ping. First of all, we open vpn to make ping lower. We need to pay 50 yuan per month to recharge vpn vip. Every Chinese needs to pay for asylum. We are doing our best. 2. I don't know which gang member you are, but why can NV, VC, FSA, NSF gang members easily kill us, but you can't kill us? Why didn't they find us floating around? Maybe it's your own reason. For example: poor technology,,, 3. If you find him floating around all the time, you can report him. Why didn't you report him? Do you have a video? You can send it out. I want to see the video of Chinese people flying around.
  9. Welcome to my fourth leader so far.
  10. Manhua was always a prophet, but no one heard what he said. Poor Tom, my game name will always be Tom Ban, this is my best love for you. Ha, ha, ha. There is an old Chinese saying: A dog will never change its love of eating shit. Hahaha Tom: Oh, don't do this to me. Don't leave me. I've been helping you, and you stab me in the back. No, I hate you. Ha, ha, ha
  11. I don't want to express my opinion on whether to erase; Because this is a North American server, the Chinese have no right to speak. Like China's arma3 server, asylum is dying. I just want to say, who can guarantee that Tom, UC and Olof will not continue to cheat? If they cheat in the future, will asylum continue to ban them? If they are permanently banned for the second time, and they take away their friends, their friends may be 10, 20, 30, will asylum forgive them for the second time? Cycle like this!!! In my opinion, asylum is bowing to cheating players. I don't want to say anything else. Goodbye. Let's look forward to arma4, better engine, lower delay and better shelter.
  12. Unable to obtain gold nuggets effectively.
  13. You don't care who asked. 我想知道你在狗叫什么啊?
  14. When you enter the free war zone and the red zone, you should be prompted!!!
  15. 干的漂亮。你的呼吸声是真的很大,是别人在跟你抢氧气吗?哈哈哈!不错的音效mod
  16. Fuck you, go to hell, Indian assan. Go and drink your Ganges water, because you have bad breath
  17. They also use real money to buy game currency, and then they continue to launder money with multiple accounts. https://gyazo.com/f7f40293d901b67461616143dcb50400 https://gyazo.com/7a929c3e44c4516dd9505bc3973e5af2 KD ? https://gyazo.com/fe5351a385c106f952c473c62e84dcf1 https://gyazo.com/6d6ecd5bcb8681dee324138684e409c6
  18. Look, you're in a hurry I can be your father Yes, they also like to abuse me with things that don't have to be done. I don't know what the pain point is for me. I just don't want to argue with them, because this is ridiculous. They are just a group of underage children. Their servers in China are like rat droppings. They have been permanently banned and can only run to asylum to avoid. Many of them are on the blacklist of asylum. They just changed their computers. Their gang member pink) 76561199182504208 is one of them.
  19. Let me tell you a secret about the oh no of Beijing Gang. The most wanted Gang is NSF, but because the game level is too poor, NSF doesn't need garbage like him. He can only join other people's gangs like a monkey to make a living. He has three family names... Oh no, hahahaha. The gangs he joined in the past year include envy, Pinoy boys, zenith, plague, humble gamers, unknown, teamlayers, Q19, Kingsmen. Why did they create Beijing? Because he has nowhere to go, he is already a monkey called by everyone.
  20. no,911 #1 These ridiculous clowns feel that if they speak quickly and reply quickly, they are reasonable.... I smiled. Say I'm 911 Manhattan, what does this mean? I really don't remember when plarka told me not to get off the plane. Well, even if there is, what's the problem? Hainan ghost? No wonder your father will slap you. You are so rebellious and disobedient. What Chiang Kai Shek? I'm also caiyingwen. Do you know what I'm talking about? Please use google translate, thank you. Hainan monkey.
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