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  1. ? All the people we went for were legit either sitting in pygros/rebel/cartel wasn’t much moving going on
  2. I’m trying to prove that I had no clue he was cheating bro I was set up in the same spot 60 seconds prior so I was unaware he was seeing something I wasn’t
  3. I was the one who drove to that spot my g I told him to just sit passenger if he try’s to rip you and just 3pp in there I tried it myself why do you think I knew he was there at the beginning??
  4. I told him to sit on the back of the house with the frit so he could not leave and I could walk bang him and you can 3pp into the home
  5. Wasn’t aware he was cheating fairly new to the server and he said he’s been playing for 5 years and I trusted him because he played grand thief arma with me I would be happy to stream and show I don’t have hacks but I had nothing to do with him
  6. Name: reece Player ID: 76561198328752232 Previous Gangs: Men in black,- asy grand thief arma - TACS ENVY CPY TROJAN NBAT DXD NEPS and cops
  7. ? my last fraggy was all asylum clips i just thought it would be nice to put them both togather gta and asy clips dont worry i can frag asylum just fine
  8. but if you guys need a extra member lmk im always open to frag kids
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