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  1. I am talking about the private text channels in discord. Where we can easily chat with certain ranks and keep in contact with one another. Still missing the potential AFD and APD text channel in discord that allows both factions to talk and communicate about different topics relating to one another. (D.O.B Checks and more)
  2. Teamspeak +Better Voice Quality +Easier to Separate Factions (More Professional) +Mass Move Ability -Easier to DDOSS Discord +Faction Higher Ups Can Disconnect AFK People +Easier to Limit Amount of User Accounts Used to Connect +Private Chat Channels for Faction Managers +Able to See Server News Quicker -No Real Mass Move Ability -Honestly Disorganized ~Would Need to Update MyAsylum to Allow Tracking of Discord Names~
  3. if they add this, they should add the old phone system back
  4. I would say less news stories and more songs. But it would be cool if the news stories would be coded to report federal events to police and afd Not going to lie some times if it is small groups, its hard to see pop up
  5. As long as you do not add the ear-rape shit people always play. This also might be hard, if they go to add real music and select tunes, it will require licenses. Most licenses require money, so it will start to add up.
  6. That is why it says 5 minutes. 3 minutes after the hemmit leaves the zone it will start a 2 minute securing. The dome will automatically secure after 60 seconds and at the 120 second mark it will secure the defense system
  7. The evidence lock up should self reset just like the prison. The current prison system self resets after 60 seconds of succeeding. The evidence lock up needs to have the same type of system. Make the same coding but a little bit longer for the evidence. Make it that 3 minutes (180 seconds) after the hemmit leaves the blue lined shock area, the system slowly resets itself for like 120 seconds. It will take 60 seconds to reset the dome. Then the last 60 seconds will reset the defense system. Since other federal events can be started with the defense system down but the dome secured. That is five minutes that the cops can either fight outside evidence, process or patrol. It gets annoying when you have three different civilian rebel groups fighting vs the cops together, and then vs one another. Then the civilians expect the cops to return to evidence to reset the dome and power after they have been wiped twice or more times. For most officer's safety they do not want to return to the area for several minutes due to the fact that people like to camp areas for kills.
  8. Which ones would you like to see added. IF you do not wish to see listed item(s) added, please explain why. 1. MX SW (100rnd Variant) - Not going to happen 2. MXM - Go loot a rebel air drop or crashed plane 3. 5.56 Suppressors - Nah 4. 9mm Suppressors (Only available to purchase @ illegal areas) - Buggy Sometimes/ Cops Barely Use/ Useless 5. 4-Five pistol (green variant for Rebels) - Maybe
  9. Can we get the new DLC suits/tuxedos
  10. You could also just stop purposely putting yourself in the room at the end of the federal event. You only do it to avoid a fair fight, and than shoot straight out of the doors.
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