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  1. People still play this shit server?
  2. How do you make it so the vest doesn't show up? Asking for a friend.
  3. Wouldn't you have to be at the top in order to get back to the top?
  4. Just wondering in the first clip. Did any of those kids even have monitors? Like wtf was I watching there?????
  5. Dude why are you bumping this? I'm pretty I could spawn donor and get meds and drive to rebel before you could run to rebel from this house just saying.
  6. Walt Jr.


    They don't care what the players say tbh bro. I guess people have been asking for the old one back for months and nothing.
  7. It means you are fucking garbage at the game? That's typically where garbage goes, the trash can.
  8. Let's forget xehons being a fucking trash can. Let's all appreciate that dope ass hot drop. Best pilot on asylum don't @ me.
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