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  1. Getting a weapon I have to hide the second the mission is over is kind of wack.
  2. Would be nice if the loadout you get for doing the legal variant wasn't an illegal gun..
  3. This is coming along nicely!
  4. I'm glad someone with more creativity fleshed it out (Lazy); This is more thought than I had put into my suggestion so far. +1 NW of the map was what I had in mind when I made the original suggestion. It's been a dead area of the map forever.
  5. The Boss


    Bring back 2015 night time and NVG's. No more of this 10m darkness and full screen NVG's. I want 40% of the restart to be dark, and I want half my screen to be unusable.
  6. They already have something similar on their discord server; If you link your steam to it you get the steam verified tag (needed to file tickets and such). Only real issue I've found is that the bot wont reassign the role to you if you leave the discord and return without unlinking and re-linking your steam to it after the fact.
  7. As long as they remain rare enough so I dont get VDM'd by them 5 times a day I give this a +1
  8. If it gets enough support I'll actually take the time to write a detailed suggestion out.
  9. When do you get promoted to civ?
  10. Why is it 6x more expensive for 1/3 the value? At least it reloads on store.
  11. I love stealing cop cars. How many uses/times does the 10k nitro have?
  12. Or you can delete the gov. Either is cool with me. Max taxes has been a meme since before I started. πŸ˜‚
  13. Add a fed event where we can rob the governors stash of money. Adds a new dynamic to the boring 15% taxes every time someone gets elected.
  14. Such is the price of getting downed. Sure it sucks to be doing nothing for half the event, but your friends still have a chance to save you if they didn't take you back to HQ yet (attacking the HQ is an option, but more often a lost cause). It might not be a solution for your issue, but all I see here is a small inconvenience that is likely to be abused. Just my 2c.
  15. Then ask for a full ticket and pay it, or request to be sent to jail. Not sure what this would accomplish other than possibly having to fight the same rebel(s) multiple times (something I doubt the APD wants to do), or used as a way to commit mass murder and at most lose nothing but your current loadout.
  16. I think most cops also find it more fun to fight the rebels, instead of get shot in athira or listen to some shitter complain you won't pardon his 19 manslaughters, and let him keep his illegal rifle.
  17. If fed is spammed so often, wouldn't the true experience be having to fight 5 of them in a row?πŸ€”
  18. I think you take the record for necroing on the forums.
  19. How he knew you were there, no idea you didn't give us a whole clip for context. As for how you died.. 7.62 penetrates those walls.
  20. This pretty much sums it up in a nice list. Shutting down yet another server will not bring the population spike you are looking for, it will likely do the opposite with all the people getting screwed on housing pissed.
  21. They need to atleast have a way to check who the governor is so when that lying bitch maxes taxes we know who it is lmao
  22. This is like the 3rd post on this in as many weeks. No. Oh and the servers can support up to 130... but the spaghetti code for the server cannot. Shutting down S2 wont magically make the server full. The best thing they can do is finish V2 cuz no on wants to play with the obscene amount of lag it currently gets when the pop is over 40. This post is full of ignorance and misinformation.
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