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  1. I have a problem currently with my windows key in Arma. My problem: Whenever I press Windows Key to use a function in a server that uses that key, it tabs me out and opens the windows start menu. It didn't used to do this before and is now a problem. I have found a temporary solution for myself which is holding shift and windows key simultaneously, but I am looking for a permanent solution. I've googled my problem but all I'm getting as a solution is using a AHK script or manually deactivating the key through windows but both of these solutions make the windows key completely useless, even in Arma. I'm wondering if anyone has any knowledge, advise, or has had this problem and fixed it themselves. Running Windows 8.1 Serious Help is appreciated.
  2. Actually this is not needed. Instead just have a way to get rid of unwanted bounties and all is good.
  3. We do not speak the name of this server. It is forbidden.
  4. I appreciate the hard work you guys do! @bamf @Paratus @Gnashes
  5. Finally my reign of terror as a apex predator will continue with ease
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