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  1. House, Garage, Industrial Shed: 3c long house Location (Town/DP#): 1.6k from lsd pro Asking Price: Offer Description: Good house to store pills / sheets out of the redzone to pick up whenever you want to sell has a lead container installed as well https://gyazo.com/0c229755dbf2611b4729fa3ed8c4321b
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    q19 moment

    Funny how disco biscuits is permed for scripting and is talking shit https://gyazo.com/17b650b5890c59743bdf4542ccf73769
  3. He made deals with innovative to stop attacking hq's because he was tired of it (one of my first encounters with durga as a cadet back then) Lol but it's true though we did 2 banks yesterday we had 5 people Amount of cops on during 1st bank 11 1st bank went as followed full orca tries to hotdrop and fails flies off hunter with 1 guy pushes bank dies 2nd full orca tries to hotdrop fails flies off 3rd full orca tries to hotdrop fails flies off we take off and a cop with an mk is sitting 700 meters away trying to be the american sniper and doesnt hit any of us as we fly off 2nd bank 9 cops were on Hatchback drives to flatrock with 2 ppl in it Strider drives to flatrock with 1 guy in it nobody tried to push and we flew off Try to come up with new tactics instead of having devs make things easier for cops braindead tactics like this are the reason you guys get all salty and whiny about rebels having better gear and being OP lol \\ if not even higher ups show initiative to be like let's try something else even if it's a lets all just bumrush the fuck out of it and secure bottom floor even if it fails do somemthing different instead of always the same the orca guy though was something else... if your tactic doesn't work the first time or the second time try something else be a distraction for cars to push up have 4 people in your orca so you'll get most attention from roof and have everyone push in or something TLDR : Stop crying about deerstands and come up with strategies
  4. the only cop i've seen in this post that deserves some respect is the one that went to the remains while everybody else was bitching about a deerstand
  5. https://gyazo.com/33e22f7fc4dd1f53eb38884dd6149907
  6. https://gyazo.com/45e49b9c08c0a7be7f36dc0404392c38 Rookie numbers
  7. Best addition to the server in months
  8. Could there also be an addition on the phone to pay the house bills ? either way sounds good
  9. new guy / smaller gangs if they dont upgrade their houses will have to pay 40k / house it depends on the upgrades you have installed. if you can't afford to spend a mil each month then maybe don't buy 5 houses and install crypto miners in each of them
  10. This was like 6 years+ ago lol pretty much starts at 0:48
  11. If you're new and buy a 1 crater without upgrades you pay less then 40k i'm pretty sure, which is 1 mining run of diamonds without finding gold nuggets / pc parts / treasure maps , if people dont want to grind dont play a life server and play koth Money got easier not just for rich people but for new people as well as demonstrated above , there's so much money being added into the game doing even the basic stuff as a beginner like mining , even doing 1 quest can pay for almost 2 houses after completing. If anything maybe a warning about the electric bill when purchasing a house for new players might be a good thing to add so they don't just save up 40k and then instantly buy a house.
  12. Is there any chance of adding an option to remove house upgrades? like i know most people bought the crypto miner to check it out to see what it actually is but have no intention of ever using it or like have bought a house with greenhouses / lead containers and all that stuff and don't use it who have to pay more on the electric bill for something they dont use So adding an option to remove upgrades would be a nice addition if at all possible (No money refunds on removing said upgrades though) that way people don't just try to make their money back and try to avoid paying the electric bill eveyr 7 days and then reinstall
  13. shut up defrags you dont even run lsd
  14. I like the electric bill period Game needed a money sink, people get money easily with drugs so why not have your houses cost you money like they should the people complaining about it are usualy just people that barely play the game and never want to make money when they do play which is not how a life server should be. i'm going against my gang opinion with this as well but if people actually have to grind more often, there will also be more interactions / reasons to rob people other then just to mess with someone will make places that are quite dead like 90% of the map is right now come alive again So keep the electric bill , removing it only benefits people that sit in their houses all day / get on to fight or only log on to make sure they dont lose their houses I had to pay 400k for all my houses that's like 300 lsd / wax how ever am i going to make that money back in a week =/ HMMMMM PLEASE REMOVE SOMETHING THIS GAME NEEDS < sarcasm Also you guys complaining are pussies jk The END love you henry facesmasher
  15. Stop adding in cut scenes for no reason, the gang fortress shit makes everyone who tried to cap it jump into a cut scene for no reason what if a gang stopped going there and is fighting a cartel and then has its members jump to the cut scene making the oposing gang able to kill them because you cant do anything about it, i know you guys like pushing new sound effects and cut scenes out but seriously it's annoying as hell
  16. The moment they find out he wasnt scripting and they still lost 18 v 2 ... smh
  17. GL and thanks for blinding me with that white background
  18. The hospital respawn talent now has a confirm menu giving you the option to do a normal respawn instead. I love you guys just for this one ^
  19. Good luck with the company and all , sadly don't know anyone that could help you with the logo but i'll bump the thread at least lol
  20. Some perks just thinking about : Lockpicking buffs ifrit spawn in with more smokes / armed cars with more ammo Gain more blood money each war kill grenades cheaper Decrease claiming vehicle price Tried to stay away from money buffs Cheaper grenades (so people actually use them more and include them in loadouts) Decrease claiming vehicle price (makes people sit at chop longer instead of just chopping for the money aka more risk)
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