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  1. LA 187 CARTEL ArmA 3 | Valorant | War Thunder Requirements: At least 500 Hours on ArmA (OG,2 or 3) 16 or Older (No Squeakers) Ability to listen to commands and keep comms clean during fights (know when to stfu) Not a training gang; we'll show you the lay of the land on Asylum but we ain't gonna tell you how to play Self sufficient (Must have at least 150k in bank or be willing to prove you can buy your own shit) 40+ FPS For the love of God it's 2022 get a new PC Application Format: In-Game Name: Discord: Age: ArmA Hours: Average FPS: Link to your Asylum Profile/ A3 GUID: Can you fly Heli/Planes?: How active can you be? List commitments like School or Work, etc: Previous Gangs:
  2. This 100% foh with buffs for the mega rich
  3. Actually JP

    New Horn

    I'd like to suggest a new horn available for purchase "Fed's up" (ur a loser if u don't +1 this)
  4. I was gonna say that buy then I had to think about the real estate market as well as how much a decent kit costs; it'd run dry really fast IMO
  5. Add ability to create a "Buy Order" on the Exchange Say I need x1,000 Corn I create a buy order for 1K Corn at whatever price I am willing to pay (Set a minimum amount for everything to avoid RMT) Submitting the Buy Order automatically deducts that amount from your bank. Sellers may choose to List a new Sell Order OR Fulfill a Buy Order 3 Days max Buy Order listing time.
  6. Honestly if something isn't done a lot more people are going to leave; many people trying to play the server can't even hit 1M bank because we have people like Farmers who just stack people on JetSki's forcing people to get sick of shit real fast. It's really a now or never as far as wipe goes. Or they can put a 5M bank cap and wipe anything more than 5M. I really don't know why the dev/admin has not listened to the playerbase and people getting sick of stupid shit for quite some time. It appear that it's been years and seemingly nothing has been done to rectify the major issues. Putting a cap on and correcting any banks over 5M shouldn't be more than a 30 minute job in the DB. Making stupid shit like putting people on JetSki's to sail off to nowhere for 10 Mins should absolutely be against the rules. Making some economy changes and moving some things around on the map is a bit more time consuming but there needs to be a balance; IMO drugs are too close to Fort/Cartels and it's not even worth doing them 99% of the time. Or large groups like the Chinese have a solid hold over them and the drug dealers. It'd be nice to see some Skins that aren't rainbow colored; some actual camouflaged skins would be a great addition. Kav drug absolutely needs to be inside a house or something and probably further away from Kav I'm not 100% sure about adding houses; I've only ever developed modded Exile servers, so I'm not sure if it can or how it could be done for vanilla. But it would be great to see especially for the areas away from towns. If not I'm sure there will be some people who would be enthused to take over or help develop
  7. Yeah but at the same time a lot of people will see it as sort of a "gold rush".. I think most people probably play both Asylum and Oly; so I think it'll draw a lot of the people currently playing Oly over. Especially since Oly can't handle a massive influx of players. Everyone's gonna threaten to leave or whatever but really they're gonna be right back within 2 weeks. I'd just make some updates; (It'd be nice to be able to sell skins on the exchange) refine money making methods currently it's just a pain in the ass to make money in small groups or even solo. A lot of these older groups are ruining new player experiences; I had 2 guys come over that just joined the server and I was taking them to Fed. We got ambushed in Pyrgos and they got held up in someone's house so they just left. All these established players with multi millions can honestly go stick it if they have nothing better to do than to fuck with new players. And at the same time they come around and cry that there's nobody for them to shoot when others can't even get established without running out of money.
  8. Sounds like a wipe is in order along with a major update?
  9. Let's put a hard cap on the amount of people allowed in a gang at any one time. Break up these large groups that rat fuck the entire server and VDM/RDM innocent noobs just for fun; then cry about people not wanting to go to red zones. I say 10 is a good number. Along with this put a 24hr cooldown on joining/switching to new gangs And a 2hr cooldown on joining/switching groups. Cry.
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