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  1. Ugh bots enjoy your dead server and hf talking trash on this forum to bad now temper is a trash gang and req is always winning atleast you win the trash talk lmao
  2. have you* sorry i'm not from english to know england
  3. You called me shit, why should i care =)) ? WHO ARE YOU? i'm not like you to cry over the internet cuz you called me shit xd. Btw did you heard yourself ever? you sound like a potato
  4. I don't play under my name most of the times? Explain this:
  5. his aim is as bad as his video quality
  6. yes, yes and yes! Great job and cool design
  7. And i bet this problem is because of the 5% reduction in crafting materials from Community Goals: Tier 2
  8. Plus you can barely see the tip of the other mat that is green
  9. Yes i have them i tried logging off deleting the mission file, it only works if you don't have panagia
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