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  1. Add a Texas Hold Em Poker game. You can easily host events off of this for a grand prize and include buy ins from the players for a grand prize if you guys are concerned with "Injecting" more money on the server. You can easily involve everyone if you introduce high roller tables and low stake tables for newer players. I can elaborate more if you're interested @Fitz.
  2. Obvious Admin Silent Aim. Vortex on Top!
  3. Someone reinstate this man's Force POV immediately.
  4. Old Dawg still got some new tricks up his sleeve. 🔥
  5. New APD Higherup Tier List. Please don't be toxic. Post Results down below :D. (Apologies for the images, it bugged out) https://tiermaker.com/create/asylum-apd-tier-list-16527744
  7. Is it possible to code it so that when the prison does start, a ladder does spawn in the back somewhere incase officers/rebels do fall in and want to get up back on the wall? The rebels would still have the get out option aswell, but just having something back there just for the even would make it fair so your not just stuck back there.
  8. Maybe instead of the bridge, it could be coded for cops to spawn by the two-story house across the main bridge while an active prison is going on.
  9. THIS IS TRUE, Evidence can be shown in this controversial video as Innate murders Junke due to his weight!!!
  10. Patch Backtire Drops @DEMI ROZE ヅ
  11. +1 or just rid of that cancer tower on the pier.
  12. Polar


    It's not the same without your Johnson around @Panda
  13. Polar

    s2 vehicle rule

    Why not exercise the ability to stop inviting cheaters into your gang constantly? Maybe then you wouldn't be perm banned in the first place and be forced to spectate all the doms from discord. We are doing our civil duties in shedding all the ifrits driven by YOUR cheaters!!! My union reps @Michael L and @william will keep practicing our god given rights!!
  14. Polar

    s2 vehicle rule

    @william @Djmon We have started a great movement! Keep on the shedding men!
  15. We are creating a union to get you out of there soldier. o7
  16. I apologize Fitz I will do better. There wasn't enough LT's in the room.
  17. Motard is the hero Asylum deserves, but not the one it needed then. It's time for our hero to rise from the shadows and save gang life.
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