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  1. since when did they make cartels wheelchair accessible ?
  2. Bump +1 best player on asylum training server
  3. could it be re added with a few nerfs ?
  4. Is it possible to add phone tracking for police officers, someone said that this was a thing in the past. any reason it was removed ? Maybe make it a talent that constable + can learn and the more sections of the talent bracket learnt the more accurate the trace is? also the person you're calling has to stay on the line for at least 1 minute for the trace to be successful ?
  5. @Retro Swift for the countless times I've been shot in the back at prison and meth cartel with an SDAR
  6. Sam Monk


    they don't cheat, sorry for the editing software i will get a new one when i wipe pc
  7. Below average montage. 2/10 retard.
  8. Sam Monk

    Arma Problem

    I've re installed Arma, I've verified the game and changed my PC name, nothing is working, any advice ?
  9. @Valerios need I say more
  10. Name: SamMonk Arma Hours: 1700 Reason for wanting to join:cartels, make money and montages Previous gangs: Tunnel Snakes (was kicked for flirting with lex's girlfriend) RED and instinct (community manager for instinct 2.0) Vouches: MadHead, Know a few in the gang but haven't played with them in years
  11. Sam Monk


    We got a small fraction of them yesterday on server 1, it was bliss for about 20 minutes then chaos irrupted again https://gyazo.com/a9b367ad97bbfd58ba7a53da6d8cc9e9 ( @Rahim 's POV)
  12. "let’s go highway it’s the easiest to defend" good fight
  13. Can I join ? I'm not willing to cheat though.
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