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  1. get the fuck outta here
  2. nice battleye detect a cod mw cheat... i have my little brother who download alot of cheats on my pc for different games and none of them got detected by battleye.
  3. no but that global means something
  4. i get it if i get global ban i'll just lie that i wasn't cheating
  5. thats an excuse i would use
  6. @Nomadox guess who didnt get global banned
  7. if you connect to server 1 it will kick you and you need to restart thats not a problem the problem is if you spam enter for 30 min to join a full server and get kicked... and even if i switch to another server it will kick me again cause i need to restart arma everytime i try to switch to another server @Mitch (IFRIT)
  8. a cpu would cost you 280+ and ram will cost you 200 if its ddr4
  9. r6s is trash but, those clutches are insane
  10. when's the new album coming out
  11. finished my final exams time to enjoy asylum
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