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New Crates & Bundle Skins Showcase

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You can buy the new Keys & Bundles at https://my.gaming-asylum.com/store/gold

Camo Crate 1 Contents:

Commons: Bust 1 - 4,
Rares: Pink Camo Ifrit, Purple Camo Ifrit, Red Camo Ifrit
Limiteds: Pink Camo CSAT Coveralls, Purple Camo CSAT Coveralls, Red Camo CSAT Coveralls

Camo Crate 1 Skins:cratekey1.jpg


Camo Crate 2 Contents:

Commons: Bust 1 - 4,
Rares: Orange Camo Ifrit, Green Camo Ifrit, Blue Camo Ifrit
Limiteds: Orange Camo CSAT Coveralls, Green Camo CSAT Coveralls, Blue Camo CSAT Coveralls

Camo Crate 2 Skins:cratekey2.jpg



For the Bundle Skins you will get a skin for each of these civilian vehicles: Offroad, Hatch (Sport), Flatbed, Hunter, Strider, Box truck, Van (Cargo), Van Transport, Tempest (Device), HEMTT Box, Qilin (Unarmed), Prowler (Unarmed), Jeep (LMG), Qilin (Minigun), Jeep, Hummingbird, Hellcat, Orca, A-143 Buzzard, Mohawk, SDV, Motorboat.

Blue Camo Bundle Skins:



Purple Camo Bundle Skins:



Pink Camo Bundle Skins:



Red Camo Bundle Skins:



Orange Camo Bundle Skins:



Green Camo Bundle Skins:



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