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Sirening - Should it be initiation?

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Should sirening be counted as an initiation?


Opening Statement & General Thoughts

So for this topic, I expect to get a lot of criticism, and maybe even people who will be very unpleasant for suggesting this, but I think that sirening should be a way showing others that there's an emergency happening and for them to move out of the way, or pull over when sirened. Instead, officers are often afraid to use their siren and are afraid of the consequences, for example, sirening in cities to pull someone over or get their attention or any circumstance where you'd need to use a siren officers are now hesitant to do so, I personally have been in this situation before, my general view on it would be that if a person really wanted to hurt me for kill me for pulling them over or for interfering with what they're doing they should be initiating properly not just waiting for us to siren and then shoot us on site.


Impact on Roleplay

Sirening will often cause to unwanted parties to get involved with fulfilling our duties, it will often result in us getting shot because players get a rush out of shooting a cop who sirened to initiate someone else and it often ends in very toxic and hostile environments between civs and cops. A lot of the time siring will ruin rp scenarios, and especially the fact it's a roleplay server and roleplay should be what we focus on and in my opinion, it's something we should address; I do also understand it's a light roleplay server but some rules in place make it sometimes impossible to roleplay.


Possitives on Sirening to initiate & Conclusion

Yes, I understand a lot of you will disagree with what I've said and that's fine, I can see why initiating with a siren is often very good for officers and can sort out situations before they turn into shootouts, and yes I do use my siren to initiate quite a lot but it does feel wrong to me, I find sirening often a very easy way to down and get someone in custody but it also has its negatives. Overall, I wish sirening should be reworked and we should as a community figure out how to go about doing that and what the best course of action for this would be, I do welcome constructive criticism and would like to hear your opinion on this topic so feel free to drop a comment below!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I want you to really think about how you feel about siring, should it be a thing, should it be reworked, or should it stay the same?

Thank you again,

Constable Ashoka

Altis Police Department

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The initiation factor of using sirens shouldn't be removed but it definitely could use some rework for balancing, especially with how combat and initiation currently feels to work in Asylum right now. Officers really shouldn't be scared to use their sirens as it's a pretty crucial thing that makes a cop what they are, their signature pretty much.


To me there are already so many ways that give civ's and rebels a big advantage over cops in any initiation standard that a rework. A few things just arent enjoyable like chasing a car into a city and getting gunned down by the whole town because they heard the sirens like 500m away.


One way siren initiation

Would be a decent thought to rebalance some initiation. Plenty of times have I been killed just for a siren. Whether its a cop siren or a medic siren... Having one way initiation sirens still requiring people to initiate on cops while the sirens remain initiation for cops for most situations. Would still keep the light rp factor held up too.

Traffic stops, the suspect can get out and initiate prior to cops exiting the vehicle etc, they can take cover and initiate or drive off and text/call the pursuing cop to initiate while the cop sirens still give cops the initiation to attempt to stop a fleeing car/suspect.

Pursuits, not having to worry so much about chasing a suspect into a highly populated area anymore. Though the town can still initiate verbally.

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I'm 95% sure there's no hope in asking for a change as it usually doesnt happen much for cops but then again there doesnt need to be RP to tell people that sirens arent full initiation anymore though.

27 minutes ago, zdeat said:

I kinda get what youre going for and what youre trying to say, i just dont feel like theres enough RP to be able to get this implemented. 


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Sirens were directional for a while but recently was reiterated that as long as you hear the siren it’s initiation. 

Pretty much if you weren’t in the middle of no where or actively visually chasing someone it’s hard to prove you weren’t trying to siren the person that “rdm’d” you. 

Maybe the better path if it’s possible to change the audible distance of ground vehicle sirens. Or maybe even allowing us to change the volume/range of our siren in the tab menu when you’re in a car.

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