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  1. Just get the apex predator talent on bounty hunter
  2. Repto


    Idk... I can see how it would look frustrating but the biggest thing already mentioned before, after a few weeks they will be nearly as extinct as the dinosaurs again. I personally don't use drones anymore but back to a time where I did, another thing is the majority of the lifespan of a drone is mainly just spent in the air auto hovering and looking pretty. Sure it absolutely is nice and insightful when the user gets more than a few seconds to a minute to actually pop on cam and take a look around, especially in a big gunfight though not all to commonly the case on our end having to deal with the battle ourselves and keeping track of others, Most SGT+'s don't manual fly them either unless we are dicking around or trying to do something precise honestly, and ordering the drones around on the terminal constantly is pretty micromanaged to where often times they are just set to hover high in some random place until they are needed, sure they may sometimes be peeked into whenever bored but mostly just in a placeholder spot. As for the current issues being mentioned, I see them get close to illegal zones (generally the same distance a helicopter is required to be from the center) but I've never heard talks of them being used to look into those zones in comms. I don't doubt that it probably does happen, I just never heard of it happening personally. Don't really see much reason to add extra mechanics alongside the current policies 🤷‍♂️ Gods forbid the APD is actually an opposing force every once in a while.
  3. You can always just refer to the controls page on your in-game map if you ever forget.
  4. I'm sticking to the side of not having any real reason to remove them, the reason given is just not a substantial point 🤷‍♂️ I get it, cop's shouldn't win every fight. We are nowhere near capable of winning every fight as it is anyways. We get the moments where we do have some high numbers, and sometimes we have a higher up or captain on that can boost our gear. While I'll admit maybe 2 of our usual higher are admins, most of the ifrits are pulled by standard LT's who dish out the same full priced ifrits as civ's or non admin Captains buying MK1's to distribute out of pocket. It's becoming a bit more common now but it doesn't happen as often as people here are saying it is though, and as DarkKnight is stating if you're seeing it happen a lot to you then it's probably because we already know there isn't even a margin of us being able to not get obliterated let alone have a chance at winning. The majority of cop's don't play civ because they either aren't interested in it or just aren't good fighters and just want to chill around or both. All the standard cops can be in a 5v10 with all 10 officers having MK1's and an ifrit or 2 yet they would still probably get steamrolled unless the majority of those officers were completely competent, we may get 3 or 4 one time use swat slots for some officers to have extra armor for 1 life but they usually end up dying right away and wasting them. Simply saying while us having the chance to boost sometimes is an advantage that changes the game a small amount for sure, the amount of disadvantages will still always be hugely stacked against us a large majority of the time no matter how its played. Civ's having the prep time and defensive position is always going to be a major advantage to begin with, Cop armor is a joke to a point where it's fairly obvious they've most likely been manipulated to be shittier versions of civ armor, Low ranked cop mains rarely use MK1's and have no major experience in using them compared to civ's. The gear boost really is just there to boost the morale since it seems like all day fed spam is a major occurrence almost every day. Going off the formula I heard mentioned a handful of times before... High Moral = More Cops = More Civ Pop Low Moral = Less Cops = Less Civ Pop No Moral = No Cops = ??? (You know what goes here)
  5. I got a comment in, I feel involved now!
  6. It is in fact up to them but why would they, RA's are already long. I've personally never seen a SGT willingly pause an RA because why would they if they don't have to. Then again I already don't like how low the required fed counts are already so that's my judgement enough right there, stop focusing on how to torture the cops and maybe more will play. I wont speak for other cops but the fact that there's now a fed that only requires 3 cops in order to start is just insane and morale dropping to me. I get that it's "meant" to be for newer players which is nice, totally get wanting to give them a bit more to do... But no, to many people enjoy feds just because they can torture the cop's while they use cartel's to print money, and this is just going to turn into another nuisance in my opinion. Well not ACTUALLY print money, thats just the best choice of words I can come up with for now.
  7. Stealing car parts, I like it lol
  8. Bump I've always thought it was weird that there were charges for just about everything... Except for jewelry
  9. I would love solid blue lights, sounds pretty awesome
  10. Whichever accepts first tbh, never applied through forums before so I dont know the courtesy of it all.
  11. Name - Repto Asylum hours - 1440 Asylum cash - 👍 Whats the gayest thing you've ever done?- Called Innate daddy and begged him to let me in his house
  12. In-game name: Repto Timezone: PST Age: 26 Bank balance: 👍 Arma 3 hours: https://gyazo.com/f5baa3af8b35dad82e0a9e61d5c5799c Asylum hours: https://gyazo.com/e25ec782b8185928c8b457e1cfff6906
  13. I like it, definitely probably wont see most of the suggested gear available but definitely like the idea of an unmarked end game vendor randomly placed around the map that includes interactions for both factions.
  14. Repto

    new gun

    Its not that the bipod isn't removable or anything most likely. It's the same issue as to why some other guns such as the spar-16s for example aren't widely accessible or allowed to be distributed past certain means. It comes stock with a bipod and can be utilized to produce a bipod, even if taken off. Current issue as an example. Spar-16s for Sergeants spawns with a bipod but the server takes it off out of the shop. However if a cop regears and its in a backpack, or pulled out of something, or a civ gets revived with it in their backpack it goes back to arma's default and it has the bipod back on it. Hence the reason why Sergeant+ aren't allowed to drop spar-16s's for people for any reason. If I remember it took the APD a VERY VERY long time to fight to get the spar-16s into the game for Sergeants for mostly that reason.
  15. That's pretty much it, support just acts as the bridge between the player and the admins. Answering general support questions to the best of their ability or just guiding players through reporting and other things as to where they need to go in order for them to take care of their business with admins or other people in general whether its in forums, discord, TS or most commonly just in-game.
  16. If you can make it something like doing crank where just at a processor you can press an option to set up the vehicle for processing, disabling the engine and stuff along with an option to pack up vehicle in order to drive off again after processing the whole car at once. Make it only work on truck style vehicles like the box trucks, RV's or HEM's/Temp Other than that this just seems like a bad change idea just to make it easier to drive off quickly if stuff kicks off and hits the fan.
  17. Repto


    I like the suggestion, would make fishing easier to prove a bit but yeah it does already say it in the chat lol Definitely love the suggestion and wouldn't mind seeing it but I also feel it's an unnecessary new notification that will pop up.
  18. I do think that rule needs to be explicitly said in the actual server rules because currently it doesn't say anything about restraints and it confuses a lot of people. Though I dont think a dev can do that. Probably go make this suggestion to an Admin.
  19. Repto

    evidence lockup

    Honestly I understand what you mean but typically the evidence lockup sits for weeks, most times months. Wanting to give it a buff because it was empty one week after it was just robbed seems like jumping the gun.
  20. I like that too. People tend to forget or just neglect that they have houses they may not want, use or just are willing to take offers on in general.
  21. I'm 95% sure there's no hope in asking for a change as it usually doesnt happen much for cops but then again there doesnt need to be RP to tell people that sirens arent full initiation anymore though.
  22. The initiation factor of using sirens shouldn't be removed but it definitely could use some rework for balancing, especially with how combat and initiation currently feels to work in Asylum right now. Officers really shouldn't be scared to use their sirens as it's a pretty crucial thing that makes a cop what they are, their signature pretty much. To me there are already so many ways that give civ's and rebels a big advantage over cops in any initiation standard that a rework. A few things just arent enjoyable like chasing a car into a city and getting gunned down by the whole town because they heard the sirens like 500m away. One way siren initiation Would be a decent thought to rebalance some initiation. Plenty of times have I been killed just for a siren. Whether its a cop siren or a medic siren... Having one way initiation sirens still requiring people to initiate on cops while the sirens remain initiation for cops for most situations. Would still keep the light rp factor held up too. Traffic stops, the suspect can get out and initiate prior to cops exiting the vehicle etc, they can take cover and initiate or drive off and text/call the pursuing cop to initiate while the cop sirens still give cops the initiation to attempt to stop a fleeing car/suspect. Pursuits, not having to worry so much about chasing a suspect into a highly populated area anymore. Though the town can still initiate verbally.
  23. Ended in a bloody massacre, lot's of dead medics.
  24. I think its high time Asylum follows suit with all the other high end Altis Life servers and FINALLY region lock this place!
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