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    I like the suggestion, would make fishing easier to prove a bit but yeah it does already say it in the chat lol Definitely love the suggestion and wouldn't mind seeing it but I also feel it's an unnecessary new notification that will pop up.
  2. I do think that rule needs to be explicitly said in the actual server rules because currently it doesn't say anything about restraints and it confuses a lot of people. Though I dont think a dev can do that. Probably go make this suggestion to an Admin.
  3. Repto

    evidence lockup

    Honestly I understand what you mean but typically the evidence lockup sits for weeks, most times months. Wanting to give it a buff because it was empty one week after it was just robbed seems like jumping the gun.
  4. I like that too. People tend to forget or just neglect that they have houses they may not want, use or just are willing to take offers on in general.
  5. I'm 95% sure there's no hope in asking for a change as it usually doesnt happen much for cops but then again there doesnt need to be RP to tell people that sirens arent full initiation anymore though.
  6. The initiation factor of using sirens shouldn't be removed but it definitely could use some rework for balancing, especially with how combat and initiation currently feels to work in Asylum right now. Officers really shouldn't be scared to use their sirens as it's a pretty crucial thing that makes a cop what they are, their signature pretty much. To me there are already so many ways that give civ's and rebels a big advantage over cops in any initiation standard that a rework. A few things just arent enjoyable like chasing a car into a city and getting gunned down by the whole town because they heard the sirens like 500m away. One way siren initiation Would be a decent thought to rebalance some initiation. Plenty of times have I been killed just for a siren. Whether its a cop siren or a medic siren... Having one way initiation sirens still requiring people to initiate on cops while the sirens remain initiation for cops for most situations. Would still keep the light rp factor held up too. Traffic stops, the suspect can get out and initiate prior to cops exiting the vehicle etc, they can take cover and initiate or drive off and text/call the pursuing cop to initiate while the cop sirens still give cops the initiation to attempt to stop a fleeing car/suspect. Pursuits, not having to worry so much about chasing a suspect into a highly populated area anymore. Though the town can still initiate verbally.
  7. Ended in a bloody massacre, lot's of dead medics.
  8. I think its high time Asylum follows suit with all the other high end Altis Life servers and FINALLY region lock this place!
  9. I like that, rather than a 'Remove Firing Pin' just have 'Unload Magazines' with the same animation. Does seem more realistic and would definitely be a good improvement to allow anyone to do to someone in restraints.
  10. Mental aside, I feel like a strike needs to be made about the removal of the amazing bape outfit.
  11. I'm not meaning to sound insulting towards it if thats how I was put off. I dont remember a suggestion about a new design though thats probably just my bad memory. I'm more just worried about the same thing someone else said about the enterances and pushing which you already cleared up. Though the big church tower building in the center that people are gonna 100% just land on top of and hold along with it looking so tight and close quarters seem like the biggest issue in my perspective. If other people like it though then there isn't much I plan to try to do, still looks good. This is the 3rd time mental has changed already in the last couple months. I liked the current (Now past) mental, it was decently balanced for once.
  12. Who was the one that decided to touch the bape... And whats the deal with that mental design
  13. Repto

    New mods

    I think there's a typo in there. It's got me listed as support and not mod
  14. I mean, only way to fight fed spam is with ifrits.
  15. Repto


    Lol wipe server for fresh new start completely. Didn't see this leave coming mitch, damn... Things arent gonna feel the same without you sleeping in a cop channel for days on end man, do come hang out. Gonna miss seeing you around and best of luck on your adventures!
  16. Blackfish is an awesome thing to suggest, other servers use it and with the difficulty in flying it for most people its a very impractical thing to use for any sort of combat other than transport. Even then its still a difficult thing to deal with, would be a great money sink too.
  17. Repto

    NVG Suggestion

    Can we get a full screen NVG for the other color variants rather than just the basic beige NVG's? Black full screen NVG's please. I never use the full screen NVG's because beige is bad lol
  18. Repto

    Dragon Hatch

    That looks amazing goyney. Love it
  19. Repto

    APD QoL

    100% need to be able to force open jewelry... RiP to all the APD lives lost having to suicide/softlog their way out of a locked jewelry... Plus it just makes sense since we can already force open all other fed doors that would need to be forced open sometimes. As for mobile HQ, I agree it shouldn't despawn itself. It really ruins our push to see that the HQ has despawned before a fed is even dealt with completely most times. Whether the fed is still running or we are fighting the remenance of the fed after it has finished popping. We already have to impound it afterwards and policy dictates only 1 can be pulled at a time. Can just make it to where nobody can pull a mobile HQ if there is already one out (currently we can pull out as many as we want, policy just dictates that we dont) Or have setup mobile HQ's auto mark themselves on the map so we can be able to easily check before pulling another one. If we neglect to impound a mobile and try to pull another one then sucks to suck, our fault for not impounding the old one and someone will need to do that.
  20. It's true nearly everything that can be in asylum in currently in it but it would for sure be nice to see extra variants of the vehicles become available and cool to see new toys for civ's, cops and medics.
  21. Repto

    S2 SRT

    I'll recede this comment after a very well spoken talk with lex. I completely misread his initial thought and our talks on suggestions and what he thought of with this one really cleared up a lot. Asylum really does currently have the tools to make this a feasible thing, it just needs some reworking and tweaking. Putting our conversation very short I definitely wouldn't mind seeing some change to how SRT is used really. Obviously while still keeping some sort of policy in mind. The easiest way I see it being done personally is switching S2's SRT whitelist over to S1's swat whitelist rather than its general APD one and allowing SRT to only be used by swat certified cop's, reducing them down to allowing any cop rank to apply for it or have it standard if a high rank. as well as creating some sort of system and requirement to allow S1 civ's and the general populace to be able to apply for the swat whitelist as well. Those people wouldn't need to be affiliated with the APD at all but its requirements, acceptance and tracking will still be controlled by the current swat command since its whitelist will still work in tandem with the normal functions of the swat whitelist for the APD on S1, in reference to fed event response and such. The swat whitelist on S1 is only really worth anything if they have the APD whitelist to go along with it anyways so I don't see any concern with abuse really. This would definitely allow the SRT faction to gain the use it needs over the general weekdays when its population is noticeably very low compared to the weekends attendance. It would also be easy to manage as well as give the current swat command a bit more duty to attend to as its already a rather small aspect to the APD and the civ's to have a different playstyle if they choose to do so as well. The new policy would also still be good to have in affect since the SRT will still be APD commanded and is already seen as a cop faction. People will be able to put in IA's all the same for civ and cop players on an SRT slot and they can still be dealt with accordingly, having their whitelists removed and notes added by APD staff. Theres a good chance I may be missing some smaller parts of our long conversation but I would definitely support an idea like this.
  22. Repto

    S2 SRT

    True. People did complain that SRT wasn't binded by any APD policy in S2, now that it is they what it unwhitelisted. There wouldn't be able to be any policy for it at that point and things will go back to the previous problems. The visible ranks on SRT are accurate to the S1 server and it's almost as if it's the exact same as S1 now that there are actual policy for it (obviously excluding the soleley PVP part of it all). I honestly see no reason why people are still so bothered by the existence of SRT and it being in the S2 server. Why would you give a fuck if people who prefer cop want to come to a PvP environment who dont normally play civ enough on S1 to be established in any of the major gangs, or those who dont want to deal with gangs in general. Some people just dont enjoy civ life on asylum because these days its practically PVP 24/7 for civ's whether you're on S1 or S2... SRT has no cost for loadouts/vehicled yet have to pay garage fee's, respawn fee's, make significantly less unless we actually coordinate and have access to very limited and honestly very shit guns unless the Officer actually puts in some work into SRT. Make 20k per uncap but if we die 4 times in the process of uncapping a point then we dont make a thing, getting kills isn't really an achievable thing for SRT either. The purpose of SRT is to have an opposing 3rd party to extend the gameplay in S2. I honestly see no logical sense or reason for why people complain so much about a whitelisted faction in an only occasionally open server that serves a purpose and already has access to minimal equipment, everyone enjoys combat. Just seems like S2 mains and civ's just want something to complain about these days rather than putting out any justifiable reasoning for their wants. You guys wanted policy, policy was made and now you want more, typical get an inch take a mile mentality. Nothing is wrong with SRT so leave it alone. There couldn't be policy for it if random civ's will be mainly filling the slots. I wouldn't be apposed to changing things up though, maybe having SRT restricted to swat and higher up's. Would give more benefit to people actually wanting to attain swat, it would also bind the 2 servers more together.
  23. Repto

    ugly sign

    I've never noticed this sign before Where even is it?
  24. Repto

    s2 vehicle rule

    Motard while most of your snap backs and comments are usually just in some sense telling others to just get good usually, you do have some come backs here and there that are just a joy to read lol. This one for example made me laugh. 😂
  25. Repto

    s2 vehicle rule

    True and I do understand these facts about S2 completely as well as the points you make, I wouldnt be against it if the admins tried to make a rule for it though, I only sometimes play dom on Sundays and barely enjoy it personally. I was moving more to the idea where just like on the S1 server it's not really something that can be to easily regulated and its just gonna happen sadly, it sucks right now that it's something that happens incredibly frequently. I'm sure people have always been shedding ifrits on dom though. I'm glad to see that some cop SoP's may be in the works for the server as its been very overdue but even then I doubt a cop policy will be able to completely out way much when it comes to the servers general separation from a large majority of S1's server rules. More admin regulation/observation would also be great but that is for sure an extra responsibility to expect from them. If the same cops that do it on SRT cant do it on SRT anymore because of policy they are all just gonna gang on civ to do it most likely.
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