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New Medic Event: Hazmat

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Tagging @JimJimfor this one


Dr. Doomba OB-GYN presents
Hazmat Nuclear Waste Disposal Team

A cargo helicopter carrying nuclear waste has crashed due to high levels of radiation interfering with avionics!  All active medical personnel must suit up and dispose of contaminated items at the nearest hospital before it's too late!

Mechanics and Equipment

Requires 3-5 medics online, and no active house fires to trigger. Requires 2 or more medics to complete successfully.

A Taru pod crashes in a random location on the map, scattering trash and debris everywhere over an 80m radius. Some of this debris is radioactive, some of it isn't. Hazmat team must determine which is which and load contaminated waste into a shielded Hemett for transport.

Medics must suit up with a respirator and CBRN/Wetsuit, as well as a Spectrum Device (here is the documentation needed for making the device work as I am about to suggest LIIIIIINK)

Once medics arrive on scene with the above equipment and a Hemett Box they must use the spectrum device to scan debris and collect radioactive items only in barrels to load into the hemett. Radioactive material is indicated by signal spikes on the spectrum device. Once everything is collected the radiation in the area subsides.

BUT medics need to quickly get the Hemett to a hospital for proper disposal should something happen and create another disaster area!
This should be a time sensitive event, a race against the clock where failure leads to dire consequences listed below.


Consequences for completion

If the medical team successfully collects and disposes of all contaminated items, to prevent information from leaking and sparking an international incident the government of Asylum pays each participating medic 60-120k in exchange for their silence.

Consequences for failure

If the medical team fails to dispose of the contaminated debris before the time limit, the affected area should remain radioactive until the next server restart. Consequently every participating medic receives acute radiation poisoning, causing them to spawn with 50% health and broken legs until next restart. The government of Asylum does nothing to help, hoping witnesses die quickly to ensure there's no information leaks.

Alternate Mechanics
Instead of a random area up the stakes and make it in a part of a spawn city away from spawn points themselves to prevent new player confusion and players spawning inside of radiation

AFD Policy

This should be a compulsory event. If medics are online they should respond to this above any other call.

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15 minutes ago, Alex. said:

Everything seemed fine until the 60-120k pay. You guys already make up to 1.7k every 5 minutes doing nothing but standing in a town what else you want.

The money is secondary to having something else to do. That was an arbitrary number semi calculated off of sheds being 40k to repair, coupled with the rarity of the event and difficulty/time. I would be fine with any incentive, doesn't even have to be money but it has to entice players to participate.
This has a low to moderate chance of happening once per restart. A one time event where you get 60k isn't gonna majorly impact player spending habits.

As far as what else we want, we want more shit to do other than standing around making 1.7k every 5 minutes and occasionally getting a revive or maybe a house fire.

I had this idea for a "Papers Please" style mini game medics could play when its dead but this seems like the easier developed idea.

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